Month: August 2012

I Am

 It never ceases to amaze me how seemingly insignificant comments or conversations end up figuring prominently in my life.  Sometimes, I do not recognize the significance or meaning until years later, while other times, I have a visceral reaction that… Read More ›

Happy Un-iversary

A few days ago, I celebrated what would have been my nineteenth wedding anniversary, which is the first anniversary I have celebrated since our divorce was finalized.  It may seem odd that I celebrated something that, at first glance, seems… Read More ›


“The truth shall set you free, but first it will make you miserable.”~James A. Garfield. The truth is something that you cannot necessarily see, feel, hear, touch, or smell, yet it is a life force to be reckoned with and… Read More ›

Being Out There

As often happens, a comment from a friend has become the impetus for another post. Someone recently told me, “You’re brave. I could never put myself out there the way you do in your blog.”. A similar sentiment was shared… Read More ›