Creating a Masterpiece

I don’t care how many times I have seen “The Notebook”, when I stumble across it on television, which seems to be no less than once a week, I find myself getting sucked in and unable to break free from its clutches.  It is cinematic crack, pure and simple.  It definitely is not one of the greatest movies ever made, nor is it necessarily the type of film that I particularly favor.  That said, there is something about the story that commands my attention and that leaves me in tears every single time. 

While “The Notebook” is a work of fiction, I still believe that the type of love that is depicted in this film can and does exist off-screen in the lives of real people.  Love definitely can be challenging, complicated, and messy, but every great masterpiece and work of art do not look so appealing and beautiful when they start out necessarily.  Often times, the most stunning creations begin as something less than spectacular, such as a lump of ugly clay waiting to be molded into a gorgeous statue, separate colors waiting to be combined to bring an image to life on a blank canvas, a smattering of notes waiting to be blended together seamlessly in perfect harmony with one another, or random letters waiting to form cohesive words to write the next great American novel.  So, during this most recent viewing of “The Notebook”, it occurred to me that what I may mistake as imperfections and flaws in a relationship, in a loved one, in myself, or some combination of all three, may really be part of a much grander work in progress, a masterpiece, perhaps.  Sometimes, I mistake the beginning of a creation as the final product, and as any artist knows, or so I have been told, as I am not artistically inclined, you cannot rush a masterpiece, especially one that is created from the heart.

Love, like art, is viewed through different lenses and defined in various terms by each person who has ever given it and received it, so, what looks like a mess to those on the outside may look beautiful to those on the inside.  One of the best examples that I have been lucky enough to witness firsthand for the past two years is a couple who outwardly look like they have very little, but who share a deep, genuine love that makes me cry even more than even “The Notebook”.  This couple met when they both were homeless, and while it is wonderful that they now each have their own apartment, it is even better that they have each other to love.  For the past fifteen years, together, they have faced the enormous challenges of homelessness, physical illness, mental illness, poverty, etc., along with the “normal” ups and downs found in every relationship, and through it all, their love for one another has been the one constant in their tumultuous lives that has survived and thrived.  In the midst of their individual hardships and struggles, they managed to find their way to one another and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and out of the most humble of beginnings, they have created their own enduring spectacular “masterpiece”.  Everyone should be so very fortunate indeed. 

When it comes to creating a “masterpiece” of my own with a soul mate, I now realize that this is something that I unknowingly could be in the process of making already, for some works of art are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, and I, for one, do not always take the time to uncover such priceless gifts..  As a new, but already cherished, friend recently reminded me, “Love always finds a way”, and whether an existing work in progress will lead me to such a “masterpiece” or whether construction has yet to get under way remains to be seen.  So, my heart and baby soul continue onward until love finds a way at last.

That’s another story . . .

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  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs.your creativity flows through your words.i like the way you express yourself. Love is a beautiful thing.


    • Toni, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, for your kind words, and for being such a sweet person! I hope to see you again soon, and I wish you continued love and joy!


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