New Year’s Eve


Since tomorrow kicks off my “New Year’s Day” for beginning my new venture of doing one thing each day to help myself and others, that makes today my “New Year’s Eve”.  Much like when I celebrate the official New Year’s Eve, I find myself in a reflective and hopeful mood.  I am excited about the opportunities and possibilities this upcoming year brings, and I also find myself wondering how I am going to accomplish the goals I have set forth and the dreams I have dreamed.

Recently, my very wise and dear friend and mentor, Trude, used two expressions that will guide me in my quest to change myself and the world one day at a time.  The first expression is the notion that life is not an accident; it is to be lived intentionally and purposefully.  This gives credence to another quote that resonates with me, “You were meant to thrive, not merely survive”.  Too often, I have lived my life as someone who merely goes through the motions, and I have considered surviving the trials and tribulations that have occurred throughout my life as good enough.  That said, something in my heart and baby soul have known that this is no prescription for living the life I was meant to live and no way to achieve all that I want to accomplish.  It does not serve me or others well at all actually.  So, my hope is that this intention of doing something, no matter how small, to improve life for myself and others on a daily basis will help me stay present and purpose driven.

The other expression Trude introduced me to is one of my all-time favorites, “delicious ambiguity”.  I am a planner who has fallen prey to the notion that life is linear and that there is a “right” way to do things, and I hold myself to sometimes impossibly high standards and feel like I just can’t get “it”, whatever “it” is, right.  Unknowingly, I set myself up to fail by abandoning the goals and dreams I set out to make come true as soon as I veer off what I perceive to be the “right” path.  I am in the process of learning to embrace “delicious ambiguity”, rather than to fear unknown outcomes  and alternate ways of getting to where I want and need to go.  Letting go of my insatiable need to control variables and people and the outcomes I desire is a challenge, but it is one that I am up for now.

So, when I began to feel anxious about what I will do each day for myself and others, I had to remind myself that it really is one day and one action at a time.  The only way I can possibly fail at this is to allow my self-doubt and need for doing it “right” interfere with the intention itself.  It is not enough to have a dream, a goal, or an intention without the faith and actions to bring them to life.  I am enough, and what I do is enough.  The adventure begins tomorrow. 

Just one thing each day . . .

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