Prayers and Presents


After almost a week of writing this particular blog, I find that I wake up every morning wondering what one thing I can do for others and myself that day.  Some days, I have a specific intention that I want to carry out, and I do so readily.  Some days, an unexpected opportunity presents itself to do a bit of good, and I simply seize the moment.  Other days, I really have to think of something to do that day, and it feels stressful.  Regardless of how easy or difficult it is to do just one thing each day, it has been more than worth it, and it gives me something to look forward to daily.

This morning, I read the conclusion of Joel Osteen’s book, “I Declare”, and because of what he wrote, I was inspired to do something that I don’t do enough of often enough.  I prayed for myself.  While it may seem quite natural for me to pray, as I was raised in the Catholic Church, it is something that I often feel like I don’t do correctly.  As I write this, I recall a favorite song we used to sing at church in grade school, “Lord, Teach Us to Pray”, by Louisvillian Joe Wise.  I still remember the refrain, which I find fitting even now, “Lord, teach us to pray.  It’s been a long and cold December kind of day.  With our hearts and hands all busy in our private little wars, we stand and watch each other now from separate shores.  We lose the way.”  I had truly lost my way.  The rote prayers of my childhood do not always express what I want and need to say, and my own words seem to fall short or feel inadequate.  These feelings, coupled with the times when it seems as if my prayers have fallen on deaf ears, have diminished the role meaningful prayer has played in my life over the years. 

Spirituality both fascinates and frustrates me, and it is something that I have been exploring with greater interest over the past year and a half.  There’s nothing like hitting bottom emotionally to cause you to look up for help and guidance spiritually.  I find it easier to pray for others, as opposed to praying for myself, but as I begin to accept my own self-worth, I understand that I deserve prayer just as much as the people I pray for and that it is okay to ask God for help and whatever else I need.  I also am starting to believe that not only does God hear my prayers, but He answers them, as well.  This morning’s time spent in prayer left me feeling peaceful and centered, and I intend to keep the conversation going. 

The one thing I did for someone else today makes me positively giddy, because it involves a surprise for someone.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so, I won’t go into a lot of details here.  I love receiving surprises, good surprises, that is, and I love to pleasantly surprise people.  While this is definitely the time of the year for gift giving, I have never sent this person a Christmas gift before, so, it is not something that is expected, hence the element of suprise.  Of all the people I know and love, I can think few others who deserve a gift to be reminded that she matter and makes such a positive difference in the lives of others.  This person is so beautiful on the inside and out, gives tirelessly of herself to her family and friends, never complains when her own needs go unmet, and always adds her own unique touch to all she does, and I simply adore and respect her.  So, when I came across a particular item, I knew I had to buy it for her, as it symbolized the warm, bright light in the darkness that she has been so very graciously for me.  I only wish that I could be there to give it to her in person, I hope she likes it.  Oh, how I love surprises, and I hope she does, too!

My day began and ended, or is the process of ending actually, on a positive note.  It may be cold, dark, and rainy at the moment, but I only feel warmth and light tonight.  I rather like that a lot.

Just one thing each day. . .

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