All is Calm, All is Bright


The other night shortly before midnight, I found myself alone at home and feeling restless, not due to anxiety, though, but rather due to feeling happy.  My happy has been hanging around lately, and this time, it feels like I may have finally cleared out some of the emotional baggage that took up space in my head, heart, and baby soul, allowing my happy a safe place to reside.  So, when I wasn’t ready for to say ‘good night’ to my happy, I took it out for a drive down River Road and was greeted by the most beautiful of sights-Christmas lights shining brightly in the dark of night.

For all of the trappings of the holidays that I eschew, there’s nothing that makes me feel more at peace and at one with the season than the sight of these twinkling lights.  I prefer the simplistic beauty of white lights strung artfully on trees, bushes, and/or houses, but even an over-the-top display of Christmas lights brings a smile to my face.  When I was a little girl, my Dad would take my two older sisters and me out for drives through various neighborhoods to admire the lights, and it was one of the highlights of the entire Christmas season for me.  It is a tradition I continue with my own girls, and they look forward to it each December as much as I do.  We enjoy these magical drives through familiar neighborhoods that look ordinary during the day, but that are transformed with the flip of a switch or the plugging in of electrical cords to become a festival of lights each night.  I still marvel at the creativity and beauty and always will.

The symbol of a light in the darkness reminds me of all the people who have been bright lights in my own darkness, and just like the Christmas lights, these personal lights make me smile broadly.  They are each unique and beautiful, and they have helped to guide me during the most difficult parts of my journey.  As my darkness recedes, I am left tending to the light that has been entrusted to me to light my own way and to possibly be a light to others when they stumble in the dark.  As my light grows brighter, it shines upon my greatest desires, hopes, and dreams, and it ignites the fervor and passion to pursue them with meaningful purpose and intention.  It truly is my time to shine, and all really is calm and bright at long last. 

That’s another story . .

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  1. I have some special “lights” in my life. My grandma was very special. In fact, I painted my bedroom purple (years ago) in memory of the purple bedroom she had in her house. I have an encouragement blog. I hope you visit it some time.


    • Cheryl, thanks for reading my blog and for sharing such a sweet memory. My grand$other is also a bright light in my life, and she, too, has a purple bedroom that was once my aunt’s room in her house. I look forward to reading your blog soon, and I hope bright lights continue to shine in your own life!


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