Doing Good While Feeling Bad


Blah.  That is the perfect word to sum up how I feel today.  If ever there were a day so far that left me uninspired to do something good for myself and anyone else, it truly was today.  I definitely struggled to do just one thing, and I feel like I phoned this one in.  Blah indeed.

The one thing I managed to do for myself today was that I took about a twenty-minute cat nap this afternoon to try to recoup some of the sleep I lost last night and to re-energize for the tasks to be completed this evening.  I was physically and mentally exhausted, and while my ‘to do’ list and work beckoned rather loudly, I shut out their cries and closed my eyes for a bit.  That brief respite was enough to help me power through the rest of the evening, and it was a sweet reminder of what a restful night’s sleep could do for me.  I hope to be slumbering in the near future, which is one of the best things I could do for myself actually.

The one thing I did for someone else is that I sent a birthday card to a former in-law to honor his special day and to let him know that he is being remembered by my daughters and by me.  The divorce definitely has changed the family dynamics, and not all of my in-laws have chosen to maintain regular or close contact with me, even though the divorce was completely amicable and mutual.  That said, I still care about them and want to have as good of a relationship with them as possible, if for no other reason so that my daughters will remain close to them.  A birthday card may not seem like much, but personally, the cards that never appear in my mailbox are some of the ones that I remember the most.  The day someone came into this world is one to be celebrated every year by everyone, and I shall continue to do so.

So, that’s it, short, sweet, and to the point.  I hope that a good night’s sleep, a change in attitude, and some early morning exercise will find me in a better mood and a better frame of mind to do more good for more people and myself. 

Just one thing each day . . .

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