Driving in a Winter Wonderland


I just returned from my second drive of the night down my beloved River Road, and while I took a familiar route, it was vastly different from my drive a few hours earlier.  What changed?  The addition of snow, which transformed an already gorgeous landscape into something even more magical.  While our neighbors to the north may chuckle at the panic that even miniscule amounts of snow can cause among drivers and meteorologists here in Kentucky, I love that many people here greet the arrival of snow with the wonderment of a child.  I always welcome snow, as the whole world seems to become still and quiet, which is always needed in a world full of noise and activity.  So, driving along a familiar road with snow falling was greeted warmly by my baby soul this evening.

As I drove, I decided to stop at a spot along my route that is sacred to me.  It is a place that has a playground, and I have been seeking refuge there since I discovered it as a teenager.  I headed to the swing set and started swinging higher and higher in a desperate attempt to “wake up where the clouds are far behind me; where troubles melt like lemon drops, high above the chimney tops”.  It was freezing, but I felt completely numb, except for the cold snow mingling with my warm tears.  I closed my eyes and kept swinging until I sensed I was no longer alone.  When I opened my eyes, my red jacket was now white with snow, and standing silently in front of me was a lone doe.  She was absolutely beautiful and regal.  I slowly stopped swinging, all the while keeping my gaze on this serene visitor, and we drank each other in, as if wondering what each other was doing in this secluded spot on a snowy night. 

I always have had a love for deer, as they are a source of comfort whenever I see them.  When the swing came to a stop, I sat there silently staring at her, not daring to move, lest I lose her company.  I silently said to her and to myself, “It’s okay.  We’re okay, I promise.”  Time stood still as we continued admiring one another, and very slowly, she walked off into the wooded area nearby, leaving me alone again with my thoughts.  I do not know where she was headed, but I decided to follow her lead and take my baby soul home to wait out the night.

That’s another story . . .

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