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Today, the one thing that I did for myself and at least one other person happened to be one in the same thing.   Even though I watched the snow fall until almost dawn, I still was pleasantly surprised at the gorgeous scene that greeted me a few hours later. There is nothing quite like snow to magically transform the barren landscape into a magical winter wonderland, and the whole world seems to slow down a bit to take notice.  I set out around noon, and as I drove under canopies of snow-covered trees and passed the snow blanketed yards and fields, I was overwhelmed by all of the beauty that surrounded me and shed some happy, appreciative tears actually.  It was quite simply the perfect backdrop for today’s quest to do something good for myself and others.

My car ride ended at my friend, Shannon’s, home, and as I walked to the door to pick her up for our lunch date, the anxiety and sadness that have been my steady companions of late began to give way their counterparts of peace and happiness.  I always look forward to time spent with Shannon, but today, I knew without a doubt that taking the time to catch up over lunch with her was the best thing I could do for myself.  In addition to the fact that she introduced me to another fabulous Indian restaurant, she provided me with just what I needed-scintillating conversation about a variety of topics, acceptance and understanding of what was said and unsaid, and an easy camaraderie.  Shannon also inspires and motivates me far more than she knows, because she has been strong and brave enough to travel down the road less traveled on her life’s journey and continues to create a life with her spouse and children that is genuine and authentic.  Such decisions and aspirations do not always mesh in our materialistic world, yet she forges ahead.  She is an immensely creative, intelligent, thoughtful, beautiful, and compassionate soul, and I am humbled to be her friend.  When I am not feeling at my best, just being in her presence and sharing a thought-provoking chat over a meal remind me that I am better than whatever it is that is plaguing my thoughts and stinging my heart.  It definitely was a very positive thing for me to do for myself, and I thank you, Shannon, and am glad we’re in the same tribe!

At first glance, the one thing that I did today for Shannon was to treat her to lunch, but I would like to think that I provided her a brief respite from her own worries and concerns, too.  I am nothing if not entertaining, but I also can be a good listener, a sounding board, and a confidante and hope I was for her.  Shannon gives a great deal of herself in all that she does at home, at work, and in the community, so, to be able to provide her with a few hours to take for herself was a true joy.  I think I got more of out this deal than she did, but I hope I helped to brighten her day in some way, shape, or form.  She deserves at least that and then some.

So, on a snowy Saturday, I basked in the warmth of my friend’s light and offered her some of my own in return.  To me the greatest gift that anyone can share is the gift of themselves, flaws and all, and for the two of us to be able to do so this afternoon made all the difference in the world to me. 

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. Food for the soul!!


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