Cleaning House


One of my end-of-the-year rituals is to clean house, literally and figuratively, and today, that is the one thing that I did for both myself and for others.  While I clean and re-organize my physical and mental space throughout the year, it takes on greater significance and deeper meaning with the new year right around the corner.  I feel the need to have myself and my home in order, so, that I may welcome new energy and opportunities into my home, mind, baby soul, and heart that come from having uncluttered spaces in my life. 

When I feel out of sorts emotionally and mentally, cleaning and reorganizing my home give me concrete tasks to focus on, instead of whatever it is that is troubling me, and it is very satisfying to see a task through to completion.  So, this latest bout of anxiety and depression that was triggered from the holidays and from changes in a couple of relationships recently was the impetus for today’s round of cleaning and re-organizing every nook and cranny of my home.  I did a thorough cleaning of every room, and I went through every drawer and closet to throw away, recycle, or give away anything that I no longer wanted, needed, or did not serve a purpose in my life any longer.  I lost myself in the task at hand, and when I was finished, the house looked and felt even better than it usually does.  More importantly, I felt a sense of pride at having done this for myself when I did not really feel like doing much of anything at all.  I wish that cleaning up my emotional and mental space were this easy to do, but that remains a work in progress.

Today’s task also proved beneficial to others, as I was able to donate a lot of new and gently used clothes, books, toys, and household goods to a local charity.  This charity will make sure that these donations will find their way to people in need who can put them to good use.  I thoroughly enjoy being able to help others by giving from my home and my heart, and I know that these items will be used and appreciated in a new home.  Charity began at my home and ended at another home in this case.

It was a busy and productive day that resulted in helping myself and others, and it was a nice way to wind down the year.  My home and mind feel less cluttered, and I hope that this enables me to be able to give more of my best to myself and to others.  Tomorrow will bring another opportunity to do so, and I am ready for it.

Just one thing each day . . .


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