I Say a Little Prayer for You (and Me)


I will begin this with a confession, which I consider to be a kind of “truth in advertising” of sorts.  I was born and raised Catholic.  That said, I struggle mightily with some of the tenets of the Catholic faith and have a tenuous relationship with the Church, but I still attend Mass and have agreed to raise my daughters in the Catholic tradition.  I continue to be more interested in spirituality than religion, and I believe that there are many paths, both Christian and non-Christian, to God or a Higher Being.  I am fascinated by the topic of spirituality, and one of my many goals is to be a more centered, balanced, and spiritual person.  It is that goal that inspired what I did for myself and for others today.

This afternoon, my daughters and I attended Mass together, and it was just what I needed.  We have found a local parish that is warm, welcoming, and accepting, and I find great solace and peace there.  Many times, attending Mass is a perfunctory exercise, but today, I made the decision to make it a sacred exercise to help heal my heart and comfort my baby soul.  I focused on staying in each moment of the service and soaking in the message being shared, and I offered up my own voice in prayer and in song.  I found it very soothing, and it made me feel more connected to myself, to others, and to the God of my understanding.  I was glad that I made the choice to take an hour out of the day I was given to give thanks and to pray.

Attending Mass was also what I did to help others, as I gave my daughters an opportunity to deepen their faith, and I also participated in worshipping with other parish members.  There is something about being present and fully participating in this sacred ritual with others that is a way of sharing myself with familiar faces and strangers alike, as we are all in this together.  So, I was able to be a positive spiritual role model for my girls, and I also prayed for and with the rest of the congregation and those present only in spirit.  There was something very empowering about this practice today, and I felt like my presence made a positive difference in some unspoken way, at least I pray that it did.

It was one hour out of the 23 hours that this day holds, but it was an hour well spent for myself and for others.  I got a great deal out of it personally, and I hope that I was able to contribute something back for the greater good of the community. 

Just one thing each day. . .

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