Time Well Spent


No matter how well-organized I am or how well I manage my time, the reality is that there is always something I could be doing, and too often, I live by my ‘to do’ list and the schedules of my daughters’ school calendar and extracurricular activities.  I definitely know how to have fun and how to relax, but many times, I save it up like money in the bank for a rainy day, instead of incorporating it into my daily routine.  Today was a typically busy day at both work and at home, but I decided that I needed to make sure that I took some time out during the day for myself to regroup.

Work at a day shelter for men who are homeless is never quiet or dull, and there is always someone who needs assistance or a task that needs to be completed.  The day usually flies by thanks to all of the hustle and bustle, and if you aren’t careful, time can get away from you.  Today was one of those days, as I was so preoccupied with my duties that I  forgot to have lunch.  While I missed my lunch break, I still managed to take a few minutes to myself in my office when I sat alone sipping my hot green tea and doing some deep breathing exercises that I always mean to do, but never get around to doing on most days.  Just taking this brief time helped me to slow my thoughts, regulate my breathing, and refocus on what needed to be done.  I guess it really does work after all, so, I will be sure to do it on a regular basis.

After school usually is a busy time catching up on all of the latest and greatest news from my girls, overseeing homework, going to a practice of some sort, doing household chores, making dinner, etc.  After the girls go the bed, I usually get my second wind and stay up far too late finishing up things around the house or taking time to read, watch t.v., and/or write.  I usually sleep 4-5 hours/night, but just because I can function on little sleep doesn’t mean that I should continue this practice or that I function as well as I could if I got more sleep.  Getting more sleep is a challenge for me, as I really do like staying up late, but I continue to try to improve this area of my life.  In order to give myself a fighting chance of success in the sleep arena, I am writing this post while the girls take their respective showers and get ready for bed, instead of staying up late to do so, and I am setting a nightly deadline during the work week when I have to be finished with my tasks and activities to get ready for bed and go to sleep.  It feels good to know that my work will be done for the day at a respectable time, and I hope to feel more energetic and rested as a result.  Fingers crossed!

In addition to taking time for myself today, I also took time to meet with a friend who is in need of some support.  I definitely had other plans for this evening, as there are some tasks at home that I hoped to finish, but there will be time for those things later.  In this technological age, I am guilty of relying on texts and e-mails to stay connected to people, but there is no substitute for personal contact, especially during a difficult time.  There is something comforting about being in the presence of another when you are in pain.  While the timing may not have been the most convenient, it was the right time to be a good friend to someone whose hurt is immense at this moment.  I did not have any profound words of wisdom to share, nor did I have any immediate solutions for the myriad of problems that have presented themselves to this person.  All I had were hugs, a shoulder to cry on, an open mind, kind words, and time to listen, and that was enough. 

Time is fleeting indeed, so, make that most of it for yourself and for others, because once it is gone, you can’t get it back, and you have no way of knowing how much time you have left in this world.  The time is now, and it is yours!

Just one thing each day . . .

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