A Day Off That Was Spot On


If I didn’t know that it was the dead of winter, I would swear that it was the beginning of spring, as the overnight rain gave way to temperatures in the mid-60s and sunshine.  It was the perfect day for a drive down the back roads of my beloved Kentucky with my windows down and my music turned up.  It also was the perfect day to share some kindness.

The one thing I did for myself today was to take the day off of work, and it was perfect timing in so many ways.  The reason I requested this particular day off was to go to an appointment in nearby Bardstown with Beth Ballard, a “messenger”, which I know sounds absolutely crazy.  I wrote about my first meeting with Beth last month in an aptly named post  entitled “The Messenger” at www.kristijojedlicki.wordpress.com, if you are interested in reading more about my experience.  I may write about today’s meeting at some point, but right now, I still am processing and cherishing both the messages and those who delivered them.  I cannot explain it, but time spent with Beth is healing, reassuring, and comforting, which is precious to me on my journey.  Taking this time for myself today left me feeling inspired and energized, and I have decided that I need to take more time off on a regular basis. 

One of the other things that I did for myself today was to go get my hair colored and cut, which provided me with the opportunity to do something nice for some fantastic people.  I began going to my current hair salon, Jerry Heston Hairdressing, about 10 years ago, and my daughters go there, as well.  My hairdresser, Georgia, and my colorist, Jackie, are special to me, as we share the celebrations and heartaches of our respective lives with one another during our visits.  The rest of the staff also treat us with such warmth and kindness that going there really is something we all look forward to, so, today, I decided to do something to thank them for their excellent customer service and for being so gracious to my daughters and me all these years.  I took them two dozen assorted cookies from Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe, which Louisvillians will tell you are beyond delicious, and thanked them for everything that they’ve done for us.  The salon employees were surprised and appreciative, and I loved being able to treat them to something delicious and decadent. 

What a wonderful day off, and it was a truly incredible way to end the week and to kick off the weekend.  There’s always lots to do at home and at work, but there’s also always lots of fun to be had and random acts of kindness and self-care to perform.  I am glad that I was able to choose the latter today and plan to do so much more often.

Just one thing each day . . .

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