A Cup of Kindness


Some people may complain about a rainy Sunday afternoon, but I relish it actually.  It still feels more like spring than winter here in Kentucky, and the rain has made today feel very cozy and relaxing, even though I have been busy with errands and household chores.  It was the perfect backdrop for the tasks at hand,  and the sound of the rain was the perfect soundtrack for what I did for myself and for one other person today.

Even though I had my usual list of ‘things to do’ to plow through, I took time out of my day to savor the simple pleasure of curling up in my bed and sipping hot green Zen tea from Starbuck’s.  It is one of my favorite teas, and it tasted even better in the comfort of my bedroom on a rainy day.  It warmed my body and my baby soul, and it made me grateful for all of the little things that I take for granted and that make life all the sweeter with their very presence.  The time I took for myself gave me renewed energy to do even more than I planned to do, and it made me feel so content and peaceful.  Sometimes, I mistakenly think that self-care has to be something on a larger scale, like a vacation or a massage, but honestly, just being able to sit quietly and drink tea in the comfort of my own home was sublime.  Sometimes, a little really does go a long way.

In this same vein, I treated my ex-husband to a cup of coffee this morning.  He has his own coffee maker, but for some reason, coffee tastes even better when someone else makes it, at least that is what I have been told, as I don’t drink coffee at all.  I stopped and picked up a cup of coffee for him and surprised him with it when I had to pick up our younger daughter from his home this morning.  He has surprised me with tea before, and it was nice to return the favor this morning, especially on a rainy Sunday like today.  He was very appreciative, and it continued to show our daughters that we are the best of friends who care about one another and do nice things for one another, despite being divorced. 

Today certainly reminded me that little things do mean a lot, and all of those little things add up and can lead to even bigger things.  It may have been raining, but it sure did feel like the sun was shining brightly on my old Kentucky home today.

Just one thing each day . . .

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