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One of the lessons I have tried to impart on my daughters is that whenever they are in the position to help others, they should do so, and this includes doing what they can to help take care of the environment.  It is a lesson that I continue to learn for myself and put into practice, and for some reason, I woke up this morning with thoughts of how I could be more environmentally responsible on my mind.  So, that’s what I set out to do today in my quest to make a positive difference in the world.

I really made a conscious effort to find ways to reuse, reduce, and recycle wherever I went.  At home, I turned the thermostat down to almost 60 degrees when I left for work this morning and set it to around 65 degrees when I returned home; I turned off lights in every room, other than the one I was in at the time; unplugged unused appliances; set the washer and dryer on the energy-efficient settings; and took our recycling bins out to the curb for pick up tomorrow.  At work, I used a mug, instead of a styrofoam cup, for my hot green tea; I recycled papers and my Diet Coke can; and I turned off the lights in my office when I left it for more than a few minutes at a time.  When I was out, I did not get a paper receipt when I purchased gasoline; I consolidated errands for the fewest number of trips possible; and I made every effort to curb my lead foot when driving.  I am committed to continue to making whatever changes I can to do my part to be responsible for protecting and preserving the planet, and today felt like a good start.

The thing that I did for myself today was that I made sure that I carved out enough time to write.  More and more, my practice of writing has become something I look forward to a great deal on a daily basis, and when I miss it, I feel it on every level.  I may not always have something profound to share, but I hope to always have something to share that resonates with someone somewhere.  In addition to wanting to reach others, I want to continue to reach into my mind, heart, and baby soul to address all of the thoughts and feelings that reside in one or more places.  I never have considered myself to be creative at all, as I equate creativity with art and music, but lately, I feel as if my writing is a form of creative self-expression for me, even if no-one else ever reads a single word.  When I sit down to write, I always feel a surge of energy and joy, and today, taking the time to write was one of the best things I did for myself and will continue to do for myself.

Just one thing each day . . .

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