Off to a Positive Start


I woke up this morning and immediately wanted to snuggle back under my flannel sheets and go back to sleep, but that simply was not an option.  Well, actually it was an option, but it was not the best option to help me to be my best self or to give my best to help others today.  So, as I lingered in bed, I thought about what I wanted and needed to do today, and I decided that the best way to have the best day was to start it off on a positive note.

I began my day by doing a 45 minute circuit training workout with my elliptical trainer and an assortment of weights, resistance bands, exercise tubing, etc.  As much as I prefer cardiovascular exercise to strength training, I know that it is necessary to do both.  Balance is the key in every area of life, and exercise is no exception, even when I find excuses to avoid strength training or to deny the fact that I am not as strong and toned as I used to be.  It felt good to do a full body workout to shake off the sleep, and my sore muscles hurt so good at the moment.  After I worked out, I felt wide awake and motivated to eat a healthy breakfast, take my vitamins, supplements, and medicine, read my morning meditation/reflection, and head off to work feeling more than ready, willing, and able to take on the day.  As good as my bed felt, getting up and getting moving felt even better!

Since my day got off to such a positive start, I decided to do something this morning to help two of my friends’ days begin with a smile.  When my depression and anxiety envelop me, there are days when I literally have to will myself out of bed and talk myself through the most basic tasks, like brushing my teeth, showering, getting dressed, etc.  Mornings could prove to be quite tough, until I reached the safety of my job, where I had a routine to provide me with much-needed structure and familiar faces to offer me support.  Unfortunately, it seems like 2013 has gotten off to a rough start for a number of my friends, and two in particular are going through a lot right now.  I wish I could resolve their problems for them, but I cannot.  The best I can do is to be supportive and to remind them how amazing, beautiful, loved, and strong they truly are and to let them know that I care about them and am here for them.  So, I sent them both messages before I went to work to start their day off with words of encouragement and lots of love, and both responded with words of thanks and appreciation.  I may not be able to remove what troubles them, but I can be with them through their troubles and do my best to help them to be their best when they feel their worst.

This cold winter’s day got off to a positive start indeed that warmed my heart and baby soul, and it created a domino effect of healthy choices, positive thoughts, and lots of energy.  I am planning on repeating this tomorrow morning and for as many mornings thereafter as I can, because it definitely made a positive difference for myself and my dear friends.

Just one thing each day . . .

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