Easy Like Sunday Morning


Usually, when Sunday evening rolls around, I find myself suffering from a case of the blues, not because Monday is around the corner, but because I am lamenting the fact that I squandered yet another Sunday.  The thick, inviting Sunday newspaper more often than not finds its way into the recycling bin before I have had a chance to enjoy a single word of it, other than grabbing the coupons out of it, and what traditionally is thought of as a day of rest usually is a day of playing catch up and preparing for the week ahead.  The sacredness of Sundays has been missing from my life for far too long, and I was determined to reclaim it.  So, I did, which is the good thing that I did for myself to begin my day.

After a great night’s sleep, I woke up feeling rested, relaxed, warm, and cozy in my bed, and I made the decision that I was going to create the kind of Sunday morning for myself and my two daughters that would not leave me feeling full of regret at the end of the day.  Before getting out of my bed, I read today’s chapter from Gabrielle Bernstein’s “May Cause Miracles”, which put me in a positive frame of mind.  Then, I set about making breakfast for my daughters and me, before settling in my favorite oversized chair with a cup of hot green tea, the Sunday paper, and sunshine streaming in the family room windows.  My daughters and I are still in our pajamas and enjoying time doing nothing, which sometimes can mean everything.  Something so simple felt absolutely divine, as did moving through the morning at a leisurely, unrushed pace.  This morning was just what I needed in more ways than one, and I hope to make it an ongoing ritual. 

I am only hours away from doing something special for two of the most important people in my life, my girls.  I am taking them to an indoor water park that we have never been to, but all they know is that we are going somewhere fun today, as I wanted to surprise them.  They are giddy with excitement and anticipation about our surprise adventure together, and I may be biased, but my girls are such very good girls who deserve to do something fun and special.  It means a lot to be able to share this time with them, because as they get older, I know that these opportunities may be become less frequent.  They make me appreciate every moment we have together, and I look forward to creating and sharing more happy and light-hearted moments with them.  One of my goals this year and every year is to go on more adventures, both big and small, with my girls, and today, I take one more step toward reaching that goal, with my favorite traveling companions by my side. 

Just one thing each day . . .

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