In Sickness and In Health


Like a significant number of people here in the United States, I awoke to frigid temperatures outside and a fever, aches, and nausea inside.  This is not exactly how I planned to start my week after a fun and relaxing holiday weekend, but I guess if I have to be hunkered down at home under the covers, doing so on a day when the high temperature will barely break 20 degrees is as good as day as any to be under the weather and under the covers.

So, with that said, the absolute best thing that I can do for myself and everyone else is to stay home and focus on getting well, in order to take care of myself and to avoid spreading these nasty germs to anyone else.  I had a full schedule at work today and plans this evening, but I quickly recognized that none of these people and events would receive anything close to my complete time, attention, energy, or effort today, given my current less than ideal physical state.  I also know that many of our staff and volunteers have been ill recently, so, keeping the germs circulating at work did not seem like a wise idea, either. 

Starting and ending the month being ill has been a less than an ideal start for the new year, but I would like to believe that this is another chance for me to re-examine how well I really am taking care of myself and to rev up my self-care efforts.  I definitely need to get more sleep on a consistent basis, continue to exercise on a daily basis, and make healthy food choices, and I need to continue managing my stress and keeping my anxiety and depression in check.  The mind-body connection is an important one to keep strong and healthy, and I need to be more aware of it.  Sometimes, it takes getting sick to embrace what is required to be well, and I am showing sickness the door and putting out the welcome mat for good health and wellness.  When I am healthy and well in body, mind, baby soul, and spirit, I am able to honor and care for myself and, in turn, take care of others and do something to help make a positive difference in the world.  Today, I may be limited in what I can do for myself and others, but this is merely a temporary setback, so, stay tuned, and feel free to pick up the slack for me.

Just one thing each day . . .


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