More Observations from My Couch



The fever, aches, and headache that greeted me on New Year’s Day decided to make a return visit today, and I was forced to take another sick day.  There was nothing left to do, except to retreat to the comfort and safety of my couch.  With my faithful companions, my laptop, Blackberry, Ginger Ale, books, and newspaper, by my side, I spent the day alone with my germs and my cold medicine and fever induced observations about life as I saw it from my vantage point on my family room couch.  So, here is what I thought of and observed, in no particular order and for no particular reason:

  • I am grateful that this latest round of germs waited to attack until after the holiday weekend with my daughters ended and that it coincided with the coldest day of the year. 
  • Whenever I need to take my temperature, the thermometer either goes missing or doesn’t work properly. 
  • Either a lot of people also took a sick day today, or work was really slow for a lot of people based on their Facebook activity.
  • No matter what “non-drowsy” medication I take, it knocks me out within an hour of taking the prescribed dose. 
  • Said medication makes me feel much more philosophical until it wears off, then I am back to feeling less than intellectual and insightful.
  • The barrage of commercials for Starbucks’ blonde roast coffee are proving to be enticing for this lifelong tea drinker.  If only they delivered . . .
  • Even with hundreds of cable channels at my disposal, more often than not, there’s still nothing good to watch on t.v., especially when I am in the mood for a good movie on one of the paid movie channels that I never seem to watch.
  • Whenever I do stumble across a t.v. series I have been wanting to catch up on, invariably, it is the one episode I already have seen.
  • I am amazed at the number of new reality t.v. shows that have popped up in just the last three weeks, and I am even more amazed that I still haven’t been offered a show of my own.
  • Snuggling up on the couch all day leaves me feeling utterly exhausted at night.
  • If I could have an I.V. of green tea or Ginger Ale hooked up to me, I would at this point.
  • I still have lots of grand plans and big dreams that I am ready to tackle as soon as I can get off this couch and get back on my feet. 
  • I may not feel well again physically, but recently, I realized that I have not been overwhelmed by the anxiety and depression that has plagued me in almost a month.  I will talk more about this particular observation when I am feeling better, but for now, suffice it to say that I am happy and in a good place, germs and all.

I hope I can rejoin the world of wellness tomorrow, but if not, I will feel better in due time and find more to observe and to share, which is a promise or a threat, depending on your point of view.  Stay warm, stay well, and stay tuned. . .

That’s another story . . .

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  1. Poor girl! I hope you are starting to rally back to good health by now. Miss seeing you at work. Take Care and Heal! See you soon.
    Mary Leigh


    • Thanks so much, Mary Leigh! I miss you all, and I hope to be back soon. Isabella is sick now, and I am waiting to hear what the doctor has to say. Here’s to better health for everyone, and I hope things are running smoothly at work and that you are well and warm!


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