Get Well Soon


In addition to taking another sick day and keeping myself and my germs quarantined, which really are the best things I can do for myself and others again, I managed to do just one other thing for myself and someone else today.  These actions actually relate to the picture used in this post, as the tea was for me and the sympathy was for someone else.

Rest and fluids, along with cold medicine, are the recommended remedies for what ails me, and today, I decided to use food and fluids as things to help heal me, rather than merely comfort me.  When I am sick with a bad cold, my craving for comfort food outweighs my need for healthier food fare, and too often, I use illness as an excuse to “treat” myself to foods that are not the best for my health needs and goals.  When I woke up still feeling less than great, I decided to focus on making sure I consumed food that would nourish me, such as oatmeal, blueberries, low-fat Greek yogurt, and chicken noodle soup, and drink plenty of hot green tea and water.  These food and drink choices did not instantly cure me, but they did make me feel better, at least on an emotional level, as I did not feel guilty like I do when I sabotage my healthy diet.  As soon as I am feeling better, I will add exercise back into my daily regime, and I will continue to focus on using food and drink in a positive manner to support my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Unfortunately, my 11-year old daughter was sick today with an upper respiratory virus, and she is the one who earned my empathy and sympathy.  I never like to see either one of my daughters suffering at all, and due to a high fever and chest congestion, she looked and sounded so frail and miserable.  Since I was not feeling well, either, both her dad and my mom offered to take care of her, but I know that when you are not feeling well, you just want to be home and sometimes just need your mom.  Plus, I didn’t want her dad to miss work, and I didn’t want her dad and my mom to risk getting sick, too.  I definitely wish she weren’t sick, but being able to hold her while she rested on the couch with me and spend a quiet afternoon with her were just what the doctor ordered.  I may not have been able to take away her symptoms, but I was able to give her heaping doses of TLC in the forms of hugs, kisses, and reassuring words.  Her doctor has advised her not to return to school until this Friday at the earliest, so, I already asked off from my job tomorrow, much to the relief and delight of my daughter, who thanked me.  Sometimes,  a mother’s touch really is the best medicine, and I was glad that I could be here to give it to her. 

Just one thing each day . . .

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