Even More Observations From the Couch


Apparently, misery really does love company, as my 11-year-old daughter became ill on Tuesday night and has spent the last two days snuggled up on the couch with me.  Together, we have spent this time recuperating from our respective illnesses and keeping one another company, and more observations from our couch have been made. 

  • After seeing Lifetime’s commercial for their new reality show, “Double Divas”, my daughter remarked, “Mom, they can make a t.v. show about anything.”  Indeed they can, my child, indeed they can.
  • Spending this time at home definitely as reignited my desire to be able to work from home as a writer/blogger.  Now, I just need to find a way to do it.  Any ideas?
  • There’s nothing more unintentionally entertaining than watching our local meteorologists incite panic and a run on bread and milk at our grocery stores with the prediction of two inches of snow, which given their accuracy, or lack thereof, means that there probably will be nary a snowflake to fall.
  • I have read our local newspaper, which happens to be the only local daily newspaper, four days in a row now, which I rarely have time to do normally, and it really has become a mere shell of what it once was.  If video killed the radio star, then the internet killed print media.
  • After stumbling upon the reality t.v. show, “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane”, I can say with certainty that my life lacks fabulosity.
  • I haven’t left my home since early Tuesday morning, and I am more than fine with that and could stay here for a while longer.  I simply love my home, as it is comfortable, cozy, open, and inviting.
  • I think I have proven that it is impossible to overdose on hot green tea.
  • No matter how big my daughter is, which isn’t very big at all actually, she will never be too big or too old to cuddle in both sickness and in health.
  • Crisp, clean sheets give you the sense that you are on your way to recovery.
  • Hugh Hefner has the right idea about wearing pajamas all the time. 
  • Doing nothing really feels like something special sometimes.

It is my hope that my daughter and I can rejoin the outside world tomorrow, as there, but if we find ourselves at home on our couch for one more day, I will not complain at all.  I have made the most of these “sick days”, in terms of self-care and enjoying this time with my little girl.  There are far worse ways to spend cold winter days, and I feel like we both were right where we needed to be with one another.

That’s another story . . .



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