Sacred Sunday


After a creating and enjoying a sublime Sunday last weekend, I decided the moment I opened my eyes this morning that I wanted to make Sundays sacred and special from now on, starting with this one.  I actually strive to make each day to be amazing, but there is something special about what is biblically known as a day of rest.  On this particular Sunday, I am by myself and have no plans, and while that may sound rather sad or lonely, it is anything but that, as sometimes, I enjoy time to myself with no schedule or routine to follow.  It gave me a chance to relax, regroup, re-energize, and re-organize, as I slept in later than usual, nourished my body with healthy foods and drinks, exercised, read inspirational materials,  wrote, and read the Sunday newspaper.  In between these personal activities, I paid bills, balanced my checkbook, and prepared for the week ahead at home and at work.  Everything I did today, even the household and work tasks, left me feeling really good, and it is my intention to keep doing the things that heal and nurture my body, mind, baby soul, and spirit in some way each day of the week.  Ending and beginning the week on a positive note is a practice I definitely want and need to continue.

The one thing that I was able to do for someone else today was difficult, yet needed.  I was asked by a friend for my honest feedback about a particular matter, and my initial reaction was to provide a watered down response to avoid being completely honest about my thoughts and feelings regarding this person’s actions and the situation.  I truly do not like to hurt anyone’s feelings, and I was afraid that my response would do just that.  After taking a moment to think this through, though, I realized that if I were not completely honest that I would inevitably hurt this person by allowing my friend to think that the behavior and the situation were acceptable to me, which they were not.  So, I gingerly provided feedback in the most honest, constructive, and positive way possible, and I breathed a sigh of relief when my friend understood and thanked me for my candor and my kindness.  Being able to be honest with someone is a true gift, and I know that even when it is difficult for me to hear the ugly truth, it always is preferred to a pretty lie.  I am glad I found the courage and had the integrity to give this gift to someone today, and it is another practice I intend to continue on a daily basis, not just on these sacred Sundays. 

Just one thing each day . . .

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