Month: February 2013

Honor Thy Mother and Father (and Yourself)

My parents are two of the most intelligent, independent, self-sufficient, and hard-working people I know, and they sacrificed a great deal to provide my two older sisters and me with a good home and an excellent education.  They have been… Read More ›

Miraculous Monday

Gabrielle Bernstein’s most recent book, “May Cause Miracles”, is the common thread for the one thing I did for myself and for someone else today, and it made for a miraculous Monday indeed.  This morning, just as I have every morning… Read More ›


Bill Clinton may not have inhaled, but I definitely exhaled today.  After a very long, emotional, and hectic week, I am thanking God more than ever that it’s Friday.  The above image sums up the one positive thing that I… Read More ›