Kindness Fixes What is Broken


Apparently, I was more tired than I realized last night and/or I bored myself to sleep, as I sat down to write the daily post for this  blog promptly fell fast asleep.  Since I am wide awake at the moment, I thought I would take this time to catch up now, and I am hoping to stay awake to write today’s post later. 

Yesterday, I did something for myself that I almost did not do, but I am so glad that I did.  I was scheduled to meet with my Wellbriety coach, Trude, whom I always look forward to talking with, but since things have been going so well for me lately, I toyed with the idea of canceling and rescheduling the appointment.  There was something inside of me, though, that told me that I needed to keep the appointment, and I am so glad that I did, as it gave me the opportunity to do something for myself and for Trude. 

Whenever I take this precious time for myself to talk with Trude about whatever is on my mind and in my heart, the progress I have made, and the dreams and goals that I have, I always learn so very much about myself and leave the appointment feeling better, lighter, and brighter.  While I have made a lot of progress in terms of reducing the anxiety and the depression and taking the necessary steps toward reaching my goals, I understand that this is not the time to become complacent or stagnant.  In order to move from a place of surviving to thriving, I recognize that I need continued support, guidance, and wisdom, and I am so blessed that I have found all three conveniently wrapped up in the beautiful presence that is Trude, in addition to having found these in some other trusted and special people in my life.  I am not on this journey alone, and I will continue to ask for assistance along the way and do what I have learned to do to take good care of myself and others.

It was at this meeting with Trude that I was able to do something for her.  Unfortunately, the bracelet I recently gave her broke after she wore it, and while I regretted that it broke, I was glad that she told me what happened, as it gave me the chance to repair the situation, literally and figuratively.  I offered to take the broken bracelet back to the sales associate to see if it could be fixed or returned, and first thing this morning, I followed up with the sales associate, who arranged to have the defective bracelet returned and a replacement sent in its place.  I was so grateful for her help, and I was very glad to be able to do this for Trude, as she has done, and continues to do, so much for me.   It was a wonderful example of how being kind to myself and others helps to fix what is broken.

Just one thing each day . . .

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