2013 Check In



The new year is a little over one month old, but in some ways, it feels like it is much older.  Some of the newness and excitement have given way to familiarity and routine, but as I have learned, feelings aren’t facts and are subject to change at any given moment.  Keeping that in mind, 2013 continues to offer unlimited opportunities and is, and will continue to be, an absolutely amazing year.  If your year, much like mine, has not gone precisely as planned, then take heart, as this year really has just begun, and the best is yet to come actually.

I still have the same heartfelt hopes and big dreams that I had on the first day of the year, and each day, when I gaze at the vision board that I created for the year to come and my life in general, it makes my heart happy and inspires my baby soul.  I believe that my goals and dreams were entrusted to my care by a divine source, and it is my life’s passion and mission to nurture them and make them a reality.  When I quiet my mind, I know that everything that my heart and mind have conjured up for my life is true and possible, and for me, the key to seeing these through to fruition is to be the faithful guardian of these wants, needs, and desires, which sometimes is easier said than done.  Sometimes, I sabotage myself, and other times, I allow the naysayers to move me away from my intentions.  Fear and self-doubt can be lethal to one’s hopes and dreams, if permitted to remain unchallenged.

When I met with my Wellbriety coach and mentor, Trude, a few days ago, I explained that while I am in a very good place in my life right now, I worry that I will be sitting alone on December 31, 2013, with visions that remain merely words and pictures on a board, instead of people, places, and things that have become a reality.  Thankfully, Trude is far wiser and more patient than I am, for she was able to listen to my fears and then help me to view them from a place of love.  She reminded me that once I have made my intentions known, then God, the universe, or whatever Higher Power there is, will take it from there.  I continue to learn how to let go of the outcome without letting go of my hopes and dreams.  This doesn’t absolve me from doing the work needed to reach my goals, but it does mean that I am not in this alone and that unseen forces are at play to help me.  I need to let go of what I cannot control and embrace the power, faith, and patience that I do have that will enable me to be brave, strong, disciplined, and confident enough to take the necessary steps to keep moving forward on my journey.

As the second month of the year gets underway, I spent today taking stock of what is working in my life and what is not working in my life, which has stirred up a mixed bag of emotions.  I regret the lack of focus and progress in certain areas of my life, but I now am more acutely aware of what I need to change and do to swap these regrets for successes.  In other areas of my life, I am incredibly proud of the positive changes and steps that I have taken to improve and progress.  It doesn’t matter how the year started, and I am determined to make the next eleven months matter.  In the end, I truly believe that I will be where I am supposed to be and that whatever happens will happen for the best.  I just need to remember this if I have days of doubt or if the anxiety and depression begin to creep back in, and if I am not feeling at my best, I need to recall that I have survived the worst and now deserve to thrive.  There’s no need to go back or remain stagnant, as 2013 and the rest of my life are calling to me, and I am responding whole-heartedly. 

That’s another story . . .



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