Family Time is a Good Time


Well, today is a success, if for no other reason than I beat the recent curse of falling asleep before writing my daily post, which is nothing short of a miracle, as I find myself feeling absolutely exhausted this evening.  I am not sure why I feel so tired, and honestly, I am not sure where the words for this post will come from or how clear they will be, but I will give it my best try. 

The temperatures remained in the arctic zone, and we received another inch or two of snow overnight.  Instead of being a “three dog night”, it was a “two daughters and a mom day”, as we hibernated together and enjoyed a quiet Saturday at home.  We did not have any school, work, or extracurricular obligations to tend to, and how we spent our time was completely up to our discretion.  So, what we were to do?

What we decided to do made a positive difference to both of my daughters and to me.  We declared today to be “family day”, in that we set aside cleaning the house, ironing, laundry, and every other thing on our ‘to do’ list to do whatever we wanted to do here at home, as we all agreed that venturing out was not an option.  We cheered on the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team to victory over Texas A & M in overtime, shared both humorous and meaningful conversations with one another, watched “Hotel Transylvania”, read our respective books, ate a delicious dinner together, kidded around with each other and laughed hysterically, drew pictures, listened to music, and took full advantage of the stillness and peace that the snow seemed to usher in.  Hibernating never felt quite so good as it did on this day with my girls.

All three of us made comments to one another throughout the day indicating how much today meant to us, as family time really is precious, and we always enjoy it.  The time with my daughters has left me in a reflective mood, as I contemplate how I can be a better mom to them and the best version of myself overall, some of which I detailed in a post entitled, “2013 Check In”, on my other blog (  My daughters definitely are my two greatest loves and my two biggest inspirations.  Being present for them physically, mentally, and emotionally today allowed us a chance to reconnect with one another and to simply have fun together, and as they remind me, it is my time, attention, and affection that they appreciate more than trips, gifts, and other material things.  As one of my daughters commented, “I love days like this with you.”  I love these days with both of them, too, and I am so happy that we were able to give each other the gift of time for “family day” today. 

Just one thing each day . . .

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