Super Sunday


This fine Sunday morning began with continued frigid temperatures and light snow showers, which made it so very tempting to stay buried under the covers long after the alarm clock goaded me out of bed.  The early wake up call provided my daughters and me the opportunity to strike the perfect balance between work and play today, and it also gave me the chance to do just one thing to make today better for some people who are important to me and for myself. 

The reason we had to get up early today was that we were scheduled to be the gift bearers at Mass this morning.  At first, we were none too happy to get up early on our day off from school and work, especially with the weather outside being more frightful than delightful, but beginning the day in prayer proved to be a truly meaningful way to begin our day together.  We had plans to do household chores before joining friends for a Super Bowl party this evening, so, this hour of prayers, psalms, and songs was the calm before the storm, so to speak.  I was able to quiet my mind and stay in the moment, and Fr. David’s homily left me feeling uplifted and inspired.  We belong to a wonderful faith community, and actively participating in this community and in the Mass itself made me feel like I really do belong there, which was a comforting and reassuring feeling.  Sometimes, my spirituality is the area of my life that I neglect the most, but lately, I have discovered that when I nurture this particular area that it positively affects every other area of my life.  This one hour at Mass definitely made a positive impact on the rest of the day.

During Mass, I was inspired to do something for a colleague of mine who works the weekends at the day shelter for homeless men.  He has been a staff member since last fall, and he truly gives so much of himself in his role at the day shelter to help the men find affordable housing and to secure an income, in addition to all of the other ways that he assists the staff, volunteers, and guests there.  He goes above and beyond what is expected of him, and he does so humbly and quietly.  He recently told me that he often has to miss his own worship service, due to his work schedule, which gave me pause and got me thinking of what I could do to make his Sunday warmer and brighter.  Like me, he eschews coffee in favor of tea, so, after Mass, the girls and I stopped at a local eatery near the day shelter and bought him a cup of earl grey tea, which is one of his favorite teas, and we surprised him at the day shelter with this treat.  He was appreciative, and considering all that he does for everyone there, it was the least I could do to thank him and to let him know that he was not forgotten today.  Plus, I always give him a hard way to go by teasing him good-naturedly, and he always is such a good sport about it, so, I figures that I owed him big time!

The unexpected visit to the day shelter on my day off also made a difference to the men who were present, as they were quite happy to see my two daughters and me, and our surprise visit seemed to bring some warmth and good cheer to them on another overcast and cold morning.  The men hear me talk about my daughters often, and they frequently inquire about how they are doing.  So, for the men who are separated from their own families for a variety of reasons, it was a special treat to see the girls and to visit with them.  It warmed my heart to watch the girls introduce themselves and to listen to the dialogue between them and the men, and it brought tears to my eyes when the men would thank the girls for coming to see them today and would tell them that they were praying for them or say “God bless you” to them.  At their tender ages, both of my daughters understand that when they can help out another person, they should do so, and they know that their presence, a kind word, and a smile really do make a difference, especially to these very special men.  I was so glad that we could stop by there this morning, and I was immensely proud of the genuine care and concern shown by both my girls and by “my guys”. 

Regardless of today being Super Bowl Sunday here in the United States, it was an especially super Sunday indeed.  Being able to do just one thing for my colleague, the men at the day shelter, and myself took the chill away, and it left me feeling hopeful and happy.  If this is how the weekend ended, I cannot wait to see how the week begins!

Just one thing each day . . .

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