We’re All in This Together


I was so caught up in doing something positive for myself that I just now am getting around to writing yesterday’s post.  I still feel like I am fighting off another round of sickness, which definitely is better than succumbing to the germ warfare being waged all around me, so, one of the best things that I did for myself was to rest by way of napping and going to bed at a respectable hour.  I have felt physically worn out this week, so, to rest when I have a chance to do so without the usual guilt that accompanies it, as I think of everything else I could or should be doing instead of taking it easy or going to bed early, was a nice change of pace.  Last night, I fell asleep for what felt like a few minutes and was stunned when I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and thrilled that I still had a few more hours to sleep before beginning my day.  As I continue to work on sleeping more on a regular basis, this week has been a nice reminder of how good it feels to take care of myself in a gentle, yet much-needed, manner.  Sweet dreams indeed!

What I was able to do for others yesterday once again involved my work at the day shelter for homeless men.  We have about twenty people on staff and are supported by over two hundred volunteers, and we all work together to provide hope and help to the men who visit the day shelter. Due to the outbreak of the flu and a gastrointestinal virus, along with the usual coughs and colds, we have been a bit short-staffed these past few weeks, as both staff and volunteers have had to take time off to recover from whatever ails them, myself included.  Also, the staff and volunteers are getting ready for our biggest fundraiser next month, so, there is much to be done by all of us.  While I strive each and every day to give my best to the men who seek our services and to the staff and volunteers who work so tirelessly to help these special men, I decided to intentionally look for ways to help out even more, as everyone has been extra busy lately.   It never fails that when I am focused on something, the universe decides to present me with the opportunity or lesson that I am in need of or that I am seeking, which is precisely what happened as soon as I walked through the doors of the center.

On the way to work, I carefully planned out my day and a list of things that I wanted to accomplish, but when I arrived at the center, my plans quickly changed.  I noticed that one of our staff members was covering one of the volunteer stations, as the volunteer was absent for that particular shift.  I knew that this staff member had to prepare to lead the recovery group that morning, and even though I had other plans, I decided to take his place in the volunteer station.  He was grateful, as was I, because I thoroughly enjoy being able to work directly with the guys, who, in turn, always get a kick out of seeing me in a role other than my administrative one.  I was able to assist several staff members by helping their clients who stopped by while they were out of the office taking care of other clients, and when another staff member on duty was busy with a pressing task, I helped by answering questions, offering a kind word and a smile, and gathering resources for some of the men in the shelter.  I also focused on having a positive attitude and using kind words with everyone I encountered, as I know that kindness is definitely contagious.  Toward the end of the day, I offered to take the place of another staff member for a shift of floor duty, and even though she declined my offer, she told me how much she appreciated the offer and knowing that she always could count on me to help.  The staff, volunteers, and guests really are all in this together, and together I know that we can make a positive difference in all of our lives and in all of the lives that we touch.  It is said that charity begins at home, so, I figured that stepping up my kindness and assistance at “my home away from home” was a mighty fine place to start indeed. 

Just one thing each day . . .

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