Making It a Meaningful Monday


I truly believe that Mondays can set the tone for the rest of the week, so, I always start each week with the best of intentions and lots of hope.  This Monday, I knew that I had to face a difficult situation first thing this morning, so, I was even more aware of the need to make today meaningful in every way possible to avoid beginning the week on a negative note.  Thanks to what I did for myself and for my daughters, I succeeded in doing just that.

After a night of fitful sleep, I decided to swap exercise for sleep, and I gently welcomed the day.  Before I crawled out from underneath my cozy flannel sheets, I read today’s passage from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book,”May Cause Miracles”, and paused in thoughtful prayer to give myself a spiritual boost.  On the way to work, I treated myself to my favorite hot green tea from Starbucks and listened to my favorite music, and I arrived at work ready to give my best.  After handling the difficult situation directly, and throughout the rest of the day, I took time to take good care of myself by choosing healthy foods, laughing, using positive self-talk, and keeping things in perspective.  Lo and behold, it all helped to make today a good day and set a positive tone for the rest of this week.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than doing things to make my daughters happy, and I had two separate opportunities to do so on this Monday.  Even though, I had quite a bit going on at work, I managed to take time out this morning to attend my younger daughters’ social studies group presentation at school.  Her part of the presentation lasted only a few minutes, but the memory of me being there will last much longer.  She was glad I was there and thanked me with hugs and kisses, and that made it all worthwhile.  It reminded me that nothing is more important than being there for such moments, just like my parents were their for all of my events and activities when I was growing up.  Even though, I may have taken it for granted when I was growing up, it always meant so much to me to look out into the crowd to see the familiar faces of my mom and dad there or to hear them cheer for me.  I hope my daughters feel the same way when their dad and I are there for their activities and events.

After school, to celebrate my younger daughter’s successful presentation and the announcement that her older sister’s submission to a writing competition with a fellow classmate had advanced to the next level, I surprised them with a trip to one of their favorite local spots for a sweet treat.  They were excited and appreciative that their accomplishments were being recognized and rewarded, and I was so grateful that I was able to do this for them.  Those stolen moments spent laughing and talking over delicious goodies are among those I treasure the most, and seeing their grins and hearing their delightful chatter and giggles melt my heart.  Time goes too fast when you are a parent, and it is my home that I make the time we have together time well spent on love and joy.

Just one thing each day . . .

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