TGIF Indeed


Lest you think that I am not oriented to time, yes, I do realize that it is now Saturday, not Friday.  That said, after the week I had, it is only fitting that yesterday’s post was delayed until this morning.  If you have ever had one of those weeks that felt like it lasted two weeks, then you can relate to the kind of week that I had. 

So, the best thing that I was able to do for myself yesterday was to leave work at work when I left for the day and to end the week on a positive note, which I succeeded in doing in spades.  I kicked off the weekend with a hair appointment that I scheduled weeks ago and that ended up being perfect timing, as my cowlicks were in need of taming, my color in need of boosting, and my being in need of pampering.  It felt so relaxing to be taken care of, and it also felt great to be able to laugh and catch up with the two people, my funny colorist, Jackie, and my sweet stylist, Georgia, who help me err on the side of love in the love-hate relationship I have with my appearance. 

From the hair salon, I met up with a colleague at a fantastic local spot for some cold beer, beyond delicious butternut squash pizza, and great conversation to decompress after a long, busy week at work.  I am so very fortunate to have a job I truly do love, and I am even more fortunate to work with people who motivate, inspire, and support me.  It was such an enjoyable evening, and by the time I made my way home, the stress and worry of the week had begun to melt away.  I was ready to enjoy the weekend.

The one thing I did for someone else was something that I didn’t even know I had done until it was brought to my attention after the fact.  As I walked into the day shelter for homeless men where I work, I went through my daily morning ritual-smiling and greeting the men in the shelter, along with the staff and the volunteers, and making small talk with them.  As I passed a group of men seated at a table, one of them called out, “There’s our sunshine!”  At first, I did not realize that his comment was directed to me, so, he repeated it to get my attention.  I stopped to talk with him and his friends at the table, and I thanked him for his cheerful greeting on a cold Friday morning. 

When I thanked him, he responded, “No; thank you.  You always smile, and it is one of the things I look forward to when I come in here.  It makes my day.”  His comment reminded me that we all have the power to impact someone’s day, intentionally and unintentionally, with our words and actions, and how important it is to be mindful of both.  It also reminded me that the smallest of gestures and actions, like a smile, can have a positive effect on another person.  I do tend to smile a lot, and I have received comments about my ever-present smile since I was a little girl.  That smile can hide a great deal, but when I among the men who come to us with next to nothing, it is a warm, genuine smile, as they give me reason to smile each and every day.  To be able to give them something back is truly humbling.

I am relieved and happy that the week is over, and I am even happier that it ended on such a good note.  Bring on the weekend!

Just one thing each day . . .

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