A Day of Rest


It’s yet another Sunday, and I feel like I am on a one woman mission to reinstate it as the day of rest it was designated to be.  To be honest, until recently, I never gave Sunday much of a thought at all, and it used to just be the day to either recover from Friday and Saturday’s festivities and/or the day spent dreading the return to school and work and coping with the Sunday blues.  It now has become a day that I am beginning to look forward to more and more, as it has become the day I use to end and begin the week on a positive note by resting, relaxing, and re-energizing.  That trend continued today.

I struck a healthy balance between relaxing and being productive, and it made for a great day.  I am learning that it is the simplest of pleasures, such as sipping my favorite hot green tea while perusing the Sunday newspaper, curling up on my couch and staying in my pajamas until noon, and not allowing the clock to rule my day, can make the biggest difference.  I used to feel like if I did not have a schedule or routine to follow that I was wasting time, but I am learning that self-care never is a waste of time and that time to myself makes me more productive actually.  Even completing basic household tasks, like ironing, putting fresh flannel sheets on my bed, and planning our dinners for the week ahead, left me feeling organized, accomplished, and ready to head back into the work week.  It was such a peaceful and quiet day, and just thinking about it brings a smile to my face.  I am definitely on to something here. 

As for what I did to make a positive difference is someone else’s life, I took time out of my day of rest to be a friend to someone who was in need of some support and asked me for my help unexpectedly.  This person needed to physically and emotionally escape from some things that have troubled their head and their heart for a while now.  I may not be able to resolve all of their problems, but I am nothing if not entertaining, so, I was able to provide some smiles, laughs, and silly moments to lighten the mood this afternoon.  When my friend needed me to be more serious, in order to listen actively and to provide the best possible feedback, I was able to do so.  I allowed my friend to be who they are and to be the friend that they needed me to be at the moment, and when my friend said that this was one of the best afternoons that they had experienced in a long time, it was a reminder that heeding someone’s call for help when they need support is truly one of the greatest gifts of friendship that you can offer to someone.  It may have taken some time out of my day, but it was time more than well spent indeed. 

Just one thing each day . . .

For more of my musings, please, visit “That’s Another Story” at www.kristijojedlicki.wordpress.com .

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