The Sound of Music


I do not read or write music, nor do I play a musical instrument.  I like to sing, but that does not imply I have a good voice at all.  Despite my musical limitations, I have been drawn to music ever since I was little girl listening to the sounds of my parents’ records fill our home.  When my dad took over the turntable, The Who, Boston, Pink Floyd, etc. could be heard booming through the house, while my mom opted for the kinder and gentler sounds of John Denver, Neil Diamond, Peter, Paul, & Mary, etc.  I have a deep love and appreciation for music that spans all musical genres.  One need only look at some of the concerts I attended last year, such as Mumford & Son, Miranda Lambert, Rufus Wainwright, and Roger Waters, to understand my varied tastes in music.  Simply put, I cannot imagine life without music.  It is that important to me, and it explains what makes the one thing I did today so meaningful.

Within minutes of opening my eyes this morning, I knew exactly what I was going to do for myself and for another person to make this day a good one, which happened to be one in the same.  I awoke to the news that at noon today tickets were going on sale for Rush, one of the greatest progressive rock bands ever, end of story, period.  I saw them for the first time in August 2010 in Columbus, Ohio, and again, in April 2011 in Cleveland.  Both times I was accompanied by my college roommate, Missy, and both shows were absolutely amazing.  So, when I saw that they were going to be in Cincinnati in July 2013, I knew what I had to do.  During my lunch break, I bought two tickets, one for Missy and one for me, for music is better when shared with a friend. 

There is nothing like being in the midst of thousands of people at a concert, joined together in spirit and in song.  The energy is palpable, and it is an absolutely thrilling experience.  The concert may be five and a half months away, but it will be more than worth the wait, as all good things are.  Just knowing that I will get to see one of my favorite bands perform an incredible array of both old and new songs in the company of one of my best friends makes my heart soar.  Missy may not be as big of a Rush fan as I am, but she always is up for an adventure with me and enjoys an evening of amazing music, great conversations, and lots of laughs just as much as I do.  Missy and I may be separated by close to 150 miles, but leave it to music to bring us together in more ways than one. 

Just one thing each day . . .

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