Bill Clinton may not have inhaled, but I definitely exhaled today.  After a very long, emotional, and hectic week, I am thanking God more than ever that it’s Friday.  The above image sums up the one positive thing that I did for myself and for others to end the week.  I kept calm, and I helped others.

I didn’t cry myself to sleep last night, which was a nice change of pace from the two previous nights, but since insomnia replaced my tears, it still was a long night, which made for a rather long day.  Knowing that I could not do anything to replace the lost hours of sleep, I decided to do what I could do to replace the negative thoughts, feelings, and actions that sometimes accompany me when I am sleep deprived.  In the past, I have felt like not sleeping well gave me a license to not behave well and that the world should accommodate me, and I end up making a bad situation worse. 

Knowing how things have played out in the past, I made the conscious decision to “fake it until I make it”, meaning that I put a smile on my face and spoke and behaved in a positive manner toward myself and others, despite feeling fatigued.  Instead of wallowing in my exhaustion, I plowed through the day as if I had slept well all night, and surprisingly, I felt energetic, upbeat, and focused.  I was very busy at work, and after work, I was able to knock off a number of things off of my ‘to do’ list.  I will be more than ready to fall into my bed later tonight, and I will do so feeling content with the day I had and proud of how I conducted myself. 

Because I kept calm, I was able to help others today and did so with a positive attitude.  It was busier than usual today at the day shelter for homeless men where I am employed, and after a sleepless night, my plan was to hole up in my office for the day to quietly do some paper work.  That was the plan, but that is not what happened. 

We were short-staffed today, and the shelter was at capacity most of the morning.  As tempting as it was to hide in my office away from the hustle and bustle, I decided to make myself available to the other staff and volunteers to help out with the shelter tasks and to the men when they needed assistance.  Whether it was welcoming a new guest to the day shelter, finding a pair of pants and a shirt for a man who was going on a job interview, making copies of a short story written by an aspiring author, looking up a telephone number for someone, listening to a gentleman who was having a rough day, or referring someone to a community resource, I did my best to be calm, cool, collected, and helpful, even when I did not necessarily feel like it.  When I began to feel a bit frazzled, I took a moment to breathe, gather my thoughts, and focus on the task at hand and the person in need of assistance, instead of succumbing to the chaos.  At the end of the day, I was able to exhale deeply.  Now, bring on the weekend!

Just one thing each day . . .   

For more of my musings, please, visit “That’s Another Story” at www.kristijojedlicki.wordpress.com .


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