A Change of Plans


One of the reasons I worked so hard around the house yesterday was because I really wanted today to be a day of rest and relaxation.  I woke up and fully intended to do nothing more strenuous than to make myself copious amounts of hot green tea and leisurely peruse the Sunday paper, and then, I turned on my laptop.

Instead of seeing the familiar login screen, a black screen stared back at me.  I tried, to no avail, to revive it, and I even enlisted the help of an old friend who is technologically savvy and far more patient than I will ever be, but his valiant efforts resulted in a black screen, as well.  So, I had to trade in time curled up on my couch in my pajamas for computer shopping and setup with my friend.  Thanks to the good company, it was still a most pleasant Sunday after all, even though it was not at all like I planned it.

In addition to buying myself a new and improved laptop, the other thing I did for myself today was to simply go with the flow and focus on all that was going well today, instead of dwelling on the things that weren’t going so well at all.  My old laptop was almost ten years old, so, it was time for an upgrade anyway, and I was able to get a good deal on my new one and have enough money saved up to pay for it.  My friend was able to get the new laptop up and running and is going to help me to transfer the files from my old computer to the new one.  It definitely made for a better day when I allowed myself to get excited about all of the cool new features of my new laptop and to enjoy time spent with my friend, instead of getting stressed out about the change of plans, the money spent, and the inconvenience of the computer crash.  Attitude really is everything, and having a positive attitude was the absolute best thing that I could do for myself on this beautiful Sunday to make it a great day indeed.

While my friend helped me with my computer troubles today, I was able to do something good for him today, as well.  It may sound so simple and trite, but I gave him the gift of my time, undivided attention, and friendship, during a time when he is learning to heal from a lifetime of wounds inflicted by himself and others.  We didn’t do anything particularly special, except enjoy each other’s company and catch up with one another, and that ended up feeling special in its own right.  In a world where we can communicate with one another via e-mails, text messages, tweets, Facebook posts, cell phones, and video chatting, and for those of us who are old school, we can communicate through letters and telephone calls from land lines.  Despite all of these technological advances, nothing beats sitting in the same physical space with someone, as there is a magic in seeing someone’s facial expressions and mannerisms, hearing what is said and unsaid, and being able to hold hands or give hugs, when needed.  Also, there’s nothing quite like being able to put aside all of these technological advances and devices to appreciate being in the mere presence of someone very dear.

Despite the change of plans, I truly wouldn’t change anything, as it ended up being another sacred Sunday in its own way.  It definitely left me in a good space to welcome Monday, and for that, I am most grateful.

Just one thing each day . . .

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