Miraculous Monday


Gabrielle Bernstein’s most recent book, “May Cause Miracles”, is the common thread for the one thing I did for myself and for someone else today, and it made for a miraculous Monday indeed.  This morning, just as I have every morning for the past six weeks, I opened my eyes, and shortly thereafter, I opened up my copy of “May Cause Miracles” and read the morning reflection.  The only difference is that today concluded the six-week journey that I set out on when I began reading this wonderful book.

In addition to reading the final chapter, I also reflected on all that I had read, experienced, and learned by reading “May Cause Miracles”, and I felt happy and proud that I decided to read the book and that I made the commitment to finish reading it.  I love to read, but due to the numerous changes and daily distractions that life has served up, more often than not, I end up starting, but not finishing, books, much to my chagrin.  Finishing this book was something meaningful to me on every level, and it is the springboard to continue to make the subtle shifts in my life that change my perceptions, replace fear with love, and open myself up to the miracles around me every single day.  After I closed the book, I placed it among the other prized books on my bookshelf, but it did not stay there for long at all.

After “May Cause Miracles” took up residence in my living room, I went to take a shower and get ready to go to work.  For some reason, I often get, what I consider, some of my best ideas while I am in the shower, and this morning, this proved to be true once again.  As I stood under the hot water, I felt the sudden desire to pass along my copy of “May Cause Miracles” to someone else, and that desire grew stronger as I finished my shower.  I listened to this gut feeling and decided that I would pass the book along and hatched a plan of how to go about doing so.

On the way to work, I stopped at one of my favorite local spots, Please & Thank You, for a cup of hot tea, but before I placed my order, I placed the book, along with a simple note saying how much I enjoyed the book and that I wanted to give it to someone else to enjoy, on one of tables next to the local newspaper.  No other customers were there at the time, and I didn’t tell the barista what I had done.  I just wanted to leave it in peace with the confidence that it would find its way into the right hands.  While I may never know what happened to the book, I know that it will help change someone’s life, just as it changed mine.

Just one thing each day . . .

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