Weathering the Storm


It is said that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but apparently, February decided to steal some of March’s thunder quite literally.  Shortly after I woke up this morning, the thunderstorm that began earlier intensified, and an enormous clap of thunder shook my house and rattled my nerves.  It was quite the start to a rainy, chilly day indeed.

While the weather may not have been ideal today, it was the perfect day to bring some warmth in the form of a hot bowl of chili to my beloved colleague, Frank.  Frank is the Plant Manager at the day shelter for homeless men where we both work, and since he is a staff at one, I appointed myself the unofficial Assistant Plant Manager and his official lunch buddy.  One of the highlights of my day is when lunch time rolls around, and I join Frank in the break room for a bite to eat, chit-chat, and lots of laughter.  We have been known to treat each other to lunch from time to time, and today, I decided to surprise him by picking up lunch from the corner deli.  The best part of the surprise was seeing Frank’s grin and watching him enjoy every spoonful, as I knew that this small gesture did more than satiate his appetite.  It warmed his heart, as he knew it came from mine, and it made a dreary day cheerier for one of my favorite people who always brightens my day.

As the rain continued well into the afternoon hours, and the chill in the air became more pronounced, I went about doing the work that needed to be done on a professional and personal level.  In attending to the tasks that needed to be done at work, I was faced with some ongoing situations that continue to weigh heavily on my mind and on my heart.  Last week, I succumbed to a torrent of tears, worry, and self-doubt when faced with a particular situation, and when the situation arose again today, I knew for my own well-being that I had to do something different, so, I did.

The situation has not changed, but my response to it has.  For the past week, I have been focusing on letting go of grief, worry, and self-doubt and not focusing on the outcome, as I do not have control over it.  I continuously talk about having faith and trust in myself and in my intuition, but I have had a tough time putting that into practice.  Today, though, I did just that, as I told myself that I will be guided to make the right decision and will be okay, regardless of the outcome, and these are not just mere words.  I truly believe this, because it is true.  I do not have all of the answers at this time, but I know that they will become more apparent in time and that I have the abilities, resources, and support to make the best decision possible.  I don’t necessarily enjoy the unknown or changes that are out of my control, but I do like how I chose to handle them today compared to how I handled them last week.  It felt great to let the storms rage outside, instead of inside my head and my heart.

Just one thing each day . . .

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