Help is On the Way


Even though I am in a “helping” profession, I still can be blind to the needs of those closest to me.  I’d like to think that I am readily available and willing to be of help to others, but I know that sometimes I wait to be asked for help, instead of offering to help or instead just jumping in and helping.  Sometimes, I justify my hesitancy by telling myself that I should not intrude in others’ business or that if someone wants or needs my assistance, then they will ask for it.  Today, I was reminded of how wrong my justifications can be, when I listened to my intuition, instead of my fear, and was proactive rather than reactive.

A friend of mine has been struggling in a number of areas of his life recently, and I have been concerned about his physical and mental health and well-being.  I have done my best to be supportive and to offer suggestions about possible solutions to his problems, and while I know that my efforts have been appreciated, today called for something more.

In response to my concerns about his ongoing health issues, my friend revealed that he had not been able to take his prescribed medication for a few weeks, as he could not afford it and had to wait until pay day to refill this much-needed prescription.  I let his comment pass at first, but something inside of me said to offer to pay for the medication, which is precisely what I did.  After a bit of hesitation, my friend gratefully accepted my offer, and he commented that it is difficult for him to ask for and receive help.  I understood all too well, as I find it much easier to be the helper than the recipient of help, but I am beginning to learn and accept that in order to thrive, I need the help of others, in addition to helping myself.  The money for his medication was not a loan, as the only return I would like is for my friend to heal and feel better soon.

I helped myself today, as well, when I took my own proactive measures to address a possible change that is in the offing.  While I am not at liberty to discuss this change in further detail at this time, suffice it to say that it is a significant one indeed, and I have the choice to allow the uncertainty to overwhelm me again or to reframe this as the opportunity for making a dream of mine come true.  I reached out for help from some trusted friends, and the support and feedback that I  received made me feel an instant sense of relief and happiness that I sought out and received their assistance.  It feels good to not bear this burden of uncertainty all by myself and to have their positive perspectives to help reframe the situation , and it feels even better to involve people I trust, respect, and admire in the problem-solving and decision-making processes than trying to navigate both alone.

It was a day of helping a friend in need and helping my mind, heart, and baby soul to let go of the worry and replace it with optimism.  Both were equally important, and both felt really good.

Just one thing each day . . .

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