Month: March 2013

Rising to the Occasion

Well, Jesus may have managed to be raised from the dead in three days, but since becoming ill on what was less than a good Friday, I have yet to rise above this latest malady.  You know I am sick… Read More ›

In a Fog

This is the scene that greeted me on a cold Saturday morning in Kentucky.  While it is an ordinary pictures in almost every aspect, to me, it is nothing short of extraordinary by the mere presence of the fog.  There’s… Read More ›

Tea For Three

This Good Friday did not start off so good at all.  I woke up feeling achy, sick to my stomach, light-headed, and fatigued, and despite my best efforts, I did not feel well enough to go to work.  I spent the better part… Read More ›

Book It

Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed reading books.  At times during my life, like during undergraduate and graduate school and when my daughters were infants, I put my reading for pure pleasure aside, as I busied… Read More ›