Good Morning to Good Deeds


The first day of March began with overcast skies and snow and sleet showers, but despite the dreary, wintry weather, I found that performing some good deeds for myself and for others made for a very good morning indeed.  Before I got out of bed, I got out a new book, “The Four Agreements”, by Don Miguel Ruiz that I recently purchased, and I took time to enjoy the first chapter.  I wasn’t feeling completely up to par physically when I first woke up, so, beginning my day in a leisurely way was just what the doctor ordered.

Words, both spoken and written, are very powerful and meaningful to me, and I find solace, inspiration, and motivation in many of the books that I choose to immerse myself in.  In addition to writing, I have a true love of reading, and it is a practice that I allowed to fall by the wayside over the years.  To be able to resume this simple, pleasurable act is something I thoroughly enjoy, and I definitely will continue to do it, as it nourishes my mind, heart, and baby soul.

On the way to drop off my daughters at school this morning, I stopped by the dry cleaner to pick up my order, and while there, I decided to help my parents out by picking up and paying for their dry cleaning, as well.  I planned on surprising them by dropping it off tomorrow, but my mom foiled the surprise when she stopped at the dry cleaner a few hours after I did.  There was great confusion, as the person who waited on me this morning could not remember if I picked up my parents’ clothes or if the dry cleaner had misplaced their clothes.  That’s what I get for not being more memorable!

Several phone calls later, my mom and I finally connected with one another, and I cleared up the mystery of the missing clothes and apologized for the mishap.  My mom thanked me for doing this errand for her and my dad, and just as she did yesterday, she said that she would pay me back.  Big sigh-my mom is just not quite embracing my goal of doing just one good thing each day for at least one other person, including her and/or my dad.  Hopefully, by the end of this kindness experiment, she will understand it better.

Just one thing each day . . .

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