Talking the Talk & Walking the Walk


It always is easier to talk about doing something than it is to actually take steps, literally and/or figuratively, to do whatever it is that needs to be done.  It is fine to talk about all of the positive things that you would like to do in life for yourself and for others, but if your plans do not include actions to accompany your words, then your goals, dreams, and plans do not have the chance to be achieved and realized.  Words are quite powerful indeed, so, just think of how mighty your actions are when they are in sync with what you say and write.  Today, on a lazy Sunday, it definitely felt easier to talk the talk instead of walk the walk.

My two daughters and I declared this sunny, yet very cold, Sunday to be a “pajama day”, which means that we are not going to leave the house and, therefore, do not need to get out of our pajamas all day, unless we choose to do so.  I spent a quiet morning reading the Sunday newspaper and a new book and sipping hot green tea while curled up in my favorite oversized chair wrapped in a blanket, while my older daughter did homework and my younger daughter immersed herself in a book.  It was pure bliss!  I did manage to extradite myself from my cocoon to do some laundry and ironing and to make sure my daughters and I were ready for the upcoming week.  By mid-afternoon, though, a pervasive thought grew louder and louder in my mind, shattering my quiet Sunday, until I had to acknowledge it.  I still needed to exercise today.

As with other times when I am not feeling compelled to workout, I began to list as many reasons as possible as to why a skipped workout was justified today.  We had declared it to be a pajama day, and I could not possibly exercise in my pajamas.  Sunday is a day of rest, and I wanted to rest.  I had worked out 4 days this week already.  I have lost weight each week since recommitting myself to a clean diet and regular exercise, so, I earned this day off and on and on and on.  There was only one slight problem, though.  No matter what excuse I came up with, it still didn’t excuse that I was breaking a promise to myself to work out 5 days/week, with 2 days including resistance/weight training.  Also, my two daughters are aware of this personal goal and monitor my progress.  If I gave in to my excuses, I would be letting all three of us down.

I knew what I had to do, and so, I did it.  I did an hour-long circuit training routine on the elliptical trainer, and as soon as I began to exercise, I felt a renewed sense of motivation and desire to do it and to do it well.  I did not merely go through the motions just to say I did it, rather I took advantage of this opportunity and put in a solid hour of hard work to challenge my body and clear my mind.  When I finished, I congratulated myself, because sometimes, it takes a lot of effort to do the right thing.  The pride I had in myself was second only to both of my daughters giving me praise for doing something good for myself when I did not want to do it at all.  It felt great, especially when it was followed by taking a long, hot shower and putting my warm, comfy pajamas back on to commence with “pajama day” and doing something positive for someone else.

When I told the girls that their father and I were getting a divorce, I emphasized that although we would no longer be married and living under the same roof, we would still be a family of four, no matter what.  Their dad and I meant what we said, and we both strive to make sure our actions support these words.  To us, co-parenting means much more than co-existing as divorced parents, and today, I was able to do something to remind them that their dad and I love and support one another.

This morning, I made a crock pot full of homemade vegetable-beef soup, and I invited their dad over for dinner with us tonight.  He left last Wednesday for an annual business trip out-of-state, and I knew that he would be tired after a very long drive and that both he and our daughters had missed each other.  So, a hot homemade meal and a visit with us seemed like a nice welcome home for him, and I also washed and ironed the girls’ school uniforms for him, so, they would be ready when they are with him next week.  These were not grand gestures, but they were appreciated by all.

We enjoyed a delicious family meal together and had a very nice visit after dinner, and our daughters treated us to an impromptu dance show.  We may no longer be considered a traditional family, but we remain a very close-knit, loving, and supportive family.  Actions definitely speak louder than words, and today, there were no greater actions that I could do than to show my ex-husband the love and respect he deserves and for us to show our daughters that we still are the best of friends who love one another in our own way.  It was a delightful Sunday indeed.

Just one thing each day . . .

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