Using Change for Change


For some reason, I always have loved pennies, both shiny ones, dull ones, new ones, and old ones, and I am known to stop and pick up a stray penny to give it a home.  While some people regard pennies as useless and have called for them to be retired and taken out of circulation, I still value them.  Perhaps, it is because one of Kentucky’s greatest native sons adorns the penny.  Perhaps, it is because I have a soft spot for “under dogs”.  Perhaps, it is because I understand that even a small change can yield great results, and thanks to a project at their school, my daughters are learning how valuable a penny can be when put to good use.

As part of the observance of this Lenten season, my daughters’ grade school is hosting a “Penny War” to raise funds for “Operation Rice Bowl”, so, my daughters have embraced the power of the penny whole-heartedly.  We gathered up every possible penny in our home for them to take in to school, and we talked about how important it is to help others whenever you are able to do so, in whatever way you are able to do so.  No effort is too small.  Our collection efforts began with a single penny, but by the end of our search, we had gathered hundreds of pennies.  It was a visual reminder that when people work together and pool their resources for the greater good that their efforts literally multiply.  From humble beginnings, big changes are made possible.

I had planned to start my week continuing to make some changes for myself, as well, but things did not go exactly as I had envisioned.  I woke up feeling “off”, for lack of a better word.  Even after a good night’s sleep, I felt tired and had a low-level of energy, and even though I wore a coat most of the day, even indoors, and drank cup after cup of hot green tea, I could not warm up at all.  I am not running a fever and have no other symptoms, but something is definitely “off”.

While I did not accomplish everything I set out to do today, I still managed to reward myself for doing the best I could when I was not feeling my best.   When I continued to feel less than great after the girls and I returned home this afternoon, I decided to indulge in the one thing that sounded appealing to me-a hot bath.  So, before I even made dinner, I drew a hot bath and submerged myself in it.  I added Aveda Stress Fix Bath Salts and a bit of coconut oil to soothe my body and my mind.  This simple act felt luxurious, and it provided me with a bit of physical and mental relief.  I still feel “off”, but it did feel really good to pamper myself a bit.  I hope that this small change to end my day will help me to begin tomorrow ready, willing, and able to move forward with more positive changes for myself and for others.

Just one thing each day . . .

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