Good Friday

FRSCH composition

Okay, it may not be the Christian version of Good Friday, but it certainly is the Kristi version of Good Friday.  This week feels like it took an inordinately long time to come to an end, and I am left feeling like I have just completed a marathon and am more than ready for a relaxing weekend.  So, here are the good deeds that I did for myself and others that capped off another week.

This afternoon, the recent cold and gloomy days of winter finally gave way to sunny, blue skies, and my spirits soared along with the temperatures.  As I drove from work to my daughters’ school, I had my window down and my music up, and I felt positively giddy for no reason in particular.  When I eased my car into a space in carpool, I turned off the engine, and I sat in peace and quiet inside my car.  Normally, I answer e-mails and texts, check Facebook, make calls, or find another way to entertain myself, drawing from my arsenal of distractions, but on this gorgeous afternoon, I felt so content that I didn’t want to do anything to shatter the mood or the quiet.  I simply sat there feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin and feeling a sense of overwhelming gratitude that I was able to see this day unfold before me.  Suddenly, a seemingly not-so-special moment in carpool morphed into a moment of pure joy.  It was a wonderful reminder that allowing myself to be still and at peace absolutely was the best thing that I could for myself, and it has encouraged me to give mediation yet another try, so, stay tuned.

Today, I hope that the good deed I did brings some warmth and sunshine to some little girls in need.  As we do on a regular basis, my two daughters and I cleaned out our closets, dressers, and bookshelves for gently used, and sometimes even new, clothing, shoes, and books that we no longer need or want to donate them to a local charity.  If we cannot use these items, it means a lot to me to know that the Society of St. Vincent de Paul will distribute them to those in need in the Louisville area.  My daughters love to know that other girls in the community will benefit from our donations, and I would like to think that if my daughters were in need, that other people in our community would do the same for them.  There but for the grace of God go I.

Just one thing each day . . .

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