Too Much of a Good Thing is A Good Thing Indeed


Happy Saturday!  Today marks Day 100 in my quest to do just one thing each day for myself and for at least one other person to make my life and their life a bit better and brighter.  It has been a very interesting and rewarding journey thus far, and I expect that this is only the beginning of even better things to come.  Some days, it seems like that I am capable of performing endless acts of kindness for myself and others, and other days, I feel like I am incapable of helping anyone, myself included, at all.  Regardless of how I feel on a particular day or at any given moment, it always is the right time to be kind, even if it can prove to be challenging at times.  I never have regretted doing something good for myself and for others, but I certainly have regretted the times when I did not treat myself and others with kindness, care, love, and/or respect.  There is enough darkness in the world, and I would rather provide some light than add to, or be enveloped by, the black hole that drains the life and energy from the hearts and souls of others who are on their own respective paths.  Thank you for being part of this journey of kindness by reading this blog and by, hopefully, performing your own random acts of kindness and caring for yourself.  Onward, we go . . .

The warm temperatures, bright blue skies, and golden sunshine continued today, and spring finally feels within reach.  On such a lovely day, happiness and kindness seem to permeate my thoughts, feelings, and actions, and I just want to bottle it up to apply on the days that aren’t so literally and figuratively sunny and warm.  For today, though, I am happy, and I did a number of small things to nurture myself.  I got up early to do an hour-long circuit workout that left me feeling slightly sore but completely exhilarated, and after spending time chatting and sipping hot tea with my very intelligent, witty, and caring friend, Julie, in her warm and welcoming home, I enjoyed running errands solo, accompanied only by the incredible musical offerings being served up by my satellite radio.  It felt good to do a combination of things that were practical, like buying a wireless printer, and pleasurable, like buying a thick, colorful, spring fashion magazine to leisurely read over the next few days, preferably while taking a long, luxurious bath.  It has been such a great day, and I am smiling at the thought that there are still plenty of hours left in this day to enjoy.

As I previously mentioned, I spent a couple of hours this morning in the company of my friend, Julie, and it was such a nice way to launch my Saturday.  She is one of the amazing women whom I met in high school but did not get to know much better until we reconnected a few years ago through the wonders of Facebook, and she and our classmates always leave me feeling accepted, supported, cared about, and loved.  In order to thank Julie for hosting this morning’s get together, I stopped on the way to her home and bought her a bouquet of white flowers.  Flowers can brighten someone’s mood and add color and fragrance to their living or work space instantly, and I enjoy surprising people with flowers.  I picked these pretty spring flowers for Julie, because they embodied the spirit and feeling of being simply happy.  Judging by her positive reaction, I think that the flowers added some more happiness to Julie’s Saturday.

Here’s to this 100th post and to endless random acts of kindness!

Just one thing each day . . .

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