Positively Positive


Despite the fact that I smile and laugh a lot, at heart, I am pessimistic optimist or an optimistic pessimist.  Whatever label best suits me, I know that one of my ongoing goals is to allow my words, thoughts, feelings, and actions to be more positive overall.  I have discovered that even when I do not feel positively positive, if I can even just go through the motions at first, then, eventually, the negativity surrenders to the positivity.  Helping myself and others on a daily basis definitely help to keep me on a positive path, and that once again proved to be true today.

For the third morning in a row, I had to wake up after sleeping only 3-4 hours, which is not a lot of sleep, even for someone like me who regularly sleeps just 4-6 hours/night.  I woke up feeling sluggish and not too motivated, but for the third morning in a row, I shook off the sleep with a good workout and wiped away the sleep from my eyes to read from Joel Osteen’s book, “I Declare”, to awaken my baby soul.  I didn’t necessarily want to do either one, but I knew both of these actions were necessary to increase the odds of having a great day and being able to help make the day great for others.  Soon after completing my workout and my reading, I noticed that I had more pep in my step and peace in my baby soul, and that was a welcome change from feeling blah overall.  It was time to take my show on the road, and I was ready for it, so, off to work I went.

When I arrived at work, as usual, I had plenty of opportunities to help a number of people, but there was one person in particular whom I wanted to do something for to brighten their day.  One of my duties at the day shelter for homeless men is to supervise an amazing team of case managers, and one of the things I say to them quite often is that the men we serve deserve our best each day.  I expect a great deal out of them, and they almost always meet or exceed my expectations.  One of the case managers has been working very hard to improve some of their skills and to master the many facets of this rewarding, yet demanding, job, and much to my shame, I have not always acknowledged their effort, as I have focused more on the outcome than the improvements and successes along the way.

Today, I made it a point to acknowledge the hard work and effort that this person has put forth, and I reassured this person that they are doing a good job and that I have their back.  The genuine, appreciative smile and words of thanks were wonderful reminders that people are generally aware of the areas that need improvement and that words of praise and encouragement do more to bring about positive changes than harsh criticism does.  It made this person’s day lighter and brighter to know that the work that they do really does matter and makes a positive difference.  As my boss gently reminds me on a regular basis when I become frustrated with myself or others, “Love all.  Serve all.”  Today, I hope that I managed to do just that, and it is something that I will continue to focus on each and every day, as my colleagues deserve the best from me, as well.

Just one thing each day . . .

For more of my musings, please, visit “That’s Another Story” at www.kristijojedlicki.wordpress.com .



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