It’s Game Time


One of the things I miss most about childhood is having and taking the time to simply play games.  I loved playing classic games, such as Monopoly, The Game of Life, Boggle, etc., in addition to using my imagination to create wonderful worlds to escape to and characters to disappear in to for a little while.  In today’s technological world of video games and gaming systems, it sometimes seems as if the art of innocent, creative play has been lost.  So, when my younger daughter asked me to play Scrabble with her this afternoon, I was thrilled and more than willing to play with her.  It was not the electronic version of Scrabble, either.  It was the original version with the pressed board, wooden tiles, and faux velvet bag.  Pure nostalgia!

It was this simple request that provided me with the opportunity to do something kind for my younger daughter, as she craves one-on-one time with me, and while her older sister was at tennis practice, I was able to honor her request.  Without the distractions of the various electronic gadgets that both make our lives easier by keeping us socially connected, informed, and entertained and our lives noisier with their constant beeps, ring tones, music, etc., we settled into our cozy family room for a fun game of Scrabble and the casual, yet meaningful, conversation that flows when two people have one another’s undivided attention and some peace and quiet to just relax.  Neither of us cared who won or lost the game, as we merely enjoyed our time together.  When we finished the game, my daughter hugged me tightly and thanked me for playing with her.  It was a humbling moment that melted my heart and reminded me that my time, attention, and affection are priceless gifts that matter more than any gadget, game, or device.

In addition to doing something kind for my younger daughter, I also did something kind for her mother.  A sore, scratchy throat and a runny nose greeted me this morning and reminded me that I had to take extra good care of myself to avoid getting sicker, if possible, and to recover as soon as possible.  So, I treated myself to a good workout to sweat out some of the germs and congestion, a healthy breakfast with a side of cold medication and vitamins to boost my immune system, a piping hot cup of ginger tea to soothe my throat, and a positive attitude to ward off an unnecessary bad mood.   I may not be a physician, but I do know how to take care of myself.  The trick is to put this knowledge into practice, which is exactly what I did today, and as the day draws to a close, I feel as if I am on the mend.  With any luck, I will ready for more fun and games with both of my daughters this weekend.

Just one thing each day . . .

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