Sleep Over


Yesterday’s one positive action that I took to make my day and my younger daughter’s day a bit better is the reason that I did not write this post until this morning.  After a full week at work, combined with a nagging cold, I was exhausted.  I fell asleep for about a half an hour before heading to my parents’ home for a fish fry dinner, and I fell asleep during the second half of the University of Kentucky men’s basketball game.  Given the outcome of that game, that brief nap proved to be merciful, but I digress.

By the time my younger daughter and I returned home from my parents’ home last night, I could barely keep my eyes open.  After I got ready for bed, I still felt tired, but I was a bit more awake, so, I settled in for more college basketball, while my daughter got ready for bed and read her new book.  I kept thinking that I still needed to write this post, but I just could not muster up the energy to do so, even though I had the desire to write.  This tug-of-war in my bed continued for a little while, before I decided to honor my body’s plea to rest.  I did wake up in the middle of the night briefly, but I was able to return to my peaceful slumber until a much more acceptable time to rouse myself out of bed this morning.

As I have stated in previous posts, I am both an early bird and a night owl, which means getting quality sleep on a regular basis is rare, yet still needed.  I continue to work on finding the right balance of sleep for me and giving in to the call for sleep, instead of ignoring it or resisting it.  Last night was another reminder that I need to make sleep a higher priority in my life, in order to take my life to a higher level, as I cannot reach my goals and dreams and help others if I am too fatigued physically and mentally to do so.  So, I intend on spending more quality time on a regular basis with Mr. Sandman, who still doesn’t compare to one of my favorite bedfellows.

Since her older sister was spending the night with a friend last night, my younger daughter requested to have a “sleep over” with me in my bedroom.  Like me, she loves to cuddle, so, I knew that this request meant a lot to her.  So, a Friday night sleep over commenced with lots of snuggling and chatting while wrapped up in comfortable blankets.  No matter how old she is, I still love to watch her sleep and to wake up to her sweet, sleepy smile, and to be able to enjoy something so simple with her is such a gift for both of us.

She also is a great role model when it comes to listening to your body’s need for sleep, as she is known for being one of the first ones to call it a night.  When she is tired, she goes to bed, and almost always, she wakes up well-rested and raring to take on the day ahead of her.  My younger daughter listens to her inner guide, and while last night was a treat for her, it truly was a delight for me, as well.  Our sweet dreams led to a good morning indeed.

Just one thing each day . . .

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