Wait No More


For the second night in a row, sleeping won out over writing, which necessitated in this blog post being a day late.  Better late than never, though, at least I hope so in this case.  I am sipping hot green ginger tea on this chilly, rainy Sunday morning, and it warms my heart to recall what I managed to do for myself and others yesterday.

As I have mentioned in other posts, one of my best friends is Wood, and the two greatest loves of my life are my two daughters.  Yesterday, I was able to do something for these three people who bring so much joy and love to my life.  Wood continues to deal with some difficult family issues that weigh heavily on his heart and mind, and since I cannot change this situation, I just can be a good friend to him during this challenging time.  I know from personal experience that when dealing with a tough situation that sometimes it helps to be able to put your troubles aside, if only for a little while.  So, that’s what yesterday was all about, and what better way to do so than to go somewhere over the rainbow.

After a delightful and delicious brunch, I took Wood and my daughters to see “Oz, The Great and Powerful”, which provided visually stunning cinematography and an entertaining storyline.  My daughters adore Wood and were so excited to be able to spend the afternoon with him, and they regaled him with stories, jokes, and lots of laughter.  To be able to provide an outlet for my friend and my daughters to relax, have fun, and be entertained by the movie and each other felt so good to do.  It has been far too long since the girls have seen Wood, and the timing was perfect for a reunion of sorts yesterday.

Yesterday, also provided me with another opportunity to do something positive to help me go somewhere over the rainbow myself.  I have had the desire to write since I was a little girl, but somewhere along the way, that desire was extinguished.  For some reason, when my world imploded nearly two years ago, the desire to write was reignited, and this time, I have not been able to ignore it, even though I am not quite sure what to do with it.  It is my dream to be able to expand and market my blogs and to be able to write or blog for publications and companies.  To put my dreams on public display always gives me pause, as it triggers my fear of others proving that my deep-seated fears that I am not good enough and that my dreams will not become realities are both true.  Despite my insecurities, I am following my heart and moving forward toward the life I want for myself.

Recently, a friend put me in touch with a professional who may be interested in my writing, and that very thought is absolutely overwhelming on a number of levels.  Ever since this introduction was made, I have continued to write like I normally do, but I have not pursued the opportunity to work with this person, as I have been waiting on this person to take the next step.  Last night, it occurred to me that my dream is my responsibility and matters the most to me, so, if I want to make it a reality, I need to be much more proactive than I have been.  So, I followed up with this professional who may be someone who can help to guide me in what practical steps to take next, and if this is not the right person to assist me, I will find out who the right person is.  I believe in myself and in my dreams, and I am on my way to fulfilling my desire to be the writer I know that I truly am.  To go after my dreams and to continue to strive to be the best person I possibly can be are the kindest and best things I can do for myself on a daily basis, and yesterday, I did just that, and I will continue to do that every day.

Just one thing each day . . .

For more of my musings, please, visit “That’s Another Story” at www.kristijojedlicki.wordpress.com .

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