One Good Deed Deserves Another


Before my alarm clock signaled that it was time to wake up to begin the day, the storm that raged outside my window jolted me out of bed with its unceremonious thunder, strong winds, and heavy rain.  In addition to the less than inviting weather, my cold lingered on, and all I wanted to do was spend this stormy day at home in bed.  Alas, I had places to go, people to see, and things to do, so, I got up to face the day.

After I dropped my daughters off at school, I desperately needed some hot tea to get me through the rest of my morning.  As much as I love the ginger tea at Louisville’s own Please & Thank You, unfortunately, they do not have a drive-through window, and I was putting off getting out in the monsoon-like weather for as long as possible.  So, I retreated to Starbucks for a venti Zen green tea, and judging by the long line of cars in the drive-through there, I was not the only one who was committed to staying warm and dry for as long as possible.  When I approached the line, another car pulled up from the other direction at almost exactly the same time, and we both stopped just short of the line, waiting for it to move to see which one of us would take the next spot in line.  I wasn’t in a hurry, so, I was planning on letting the other person go next, especially since her car was positioned slightly in front of mine already.  The driver of the other car had a different idea, though, which led to today’s random act of kindness on both of our parts.

When the line of cars began to nose forward, the other driver backed up and motioned me to go ahead.  I was surprised and indicated that she could go first, but she, again, motioned me to go next.  I thought that perhaps she had changed her mind about waiting in the drive-through and was going to exit the line, so, I waved gratefully to her and took my spot in the line.  I was surprised when I glanced in my rearview mirror to see her car behind mine, as I realized that she had allowed me to go in front of her.  It may not have been a life-changing moment, but it was a much appreciated one, especially on a cold, dark, stormy Monday morning.  It made me smile, and I wanted to do something more than just wave to her in appreciation.

When I got up to the window to collect my hot tea and pay for my order, I told the barista that I would like to pay for the young woman’s order along with mine.  The barista smiled broadly and commented on what a nice gesture that was, and I quickly explained the young woman’s nice gesture that had inspired me to return the favor.  After I told the barista about what the woman had done for me, she remarked, “That’s great; you all made my day!”  In a world full of a seemingly never-ending supply of bad news, the smallest good deed can stand on its own merit, cause a chain reaction of kindness, and give some cheer to all involved.

As I have come to understand, I am responsible for my own happiness, and today, I did a good deed for myself.  I continue to face some uncertainly in a particular area of my life, and I have no control over the outcome of this situation.  Usually, the fear of the unknown, coupled with the lack of control I have in a situation, give rise to anxiety attacks and/or bouts of depression, but this time, I am handling things in a much kinder and gentler way than I have in the past.

Since I cannot control the outcome and will not have all of the information about the changes that may or may not occur, I have decided to proceed with the most positive attitude possible and to trust that whatever happens will be in my best interest.  This was not an easy practice at first, but unless I want to go backward on this journey to heal and to grow, which I do not want to do at all, I have to go forward with an open mind and heart.  I also understand that I have to be proactive, instead of reactive, so, today, I allowed myself to explore my options further and scheduled some time to meet with two people I trust, admire, and respect to get their feedback about opportunities that may be available to me.  I still prefer the known to the unknown, but taking this step today provided me with some relief and hope, as I await the outcome.  I may not be able to make a decision at this very moment, but when the time comes for me to do so, I have faith and confidence that I will be prepared to make the best decision possible.  The combination of my actions, thoughts, and beliefs provided me with some good cheer indeed, and it helped to brighten up a gloomy Monday significantly.  Bring on Tuesday!

Just one thing each day . . .

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2 replies

  1. Nice post! I enjoy reading your blog. I’m a firm believer in the idea that no act of kindness is too small. Keep it up!

    • Leanne,

      Thank you! Coming from you, whose writing I thoroughly enjoy and whose talent I admire, I appreciate your time and feedback all the more. Here’s to kindness in all its forms!

      Take it easy,


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