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Far and away, some of life’s sweetest moments are the ones that catch you completely off-guard and end up being memorable and, perhaps, even life changing.  Last night, my two daughters and I experienced such a moment together, and it led to the one good thing that I did for myself and for both of them today.  It also is one good thing that I hope to do for myself and for them for many, many more days to come.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, last week, I embarked on yet another attempt to incorporate the practice of meditation into my daily life, as a way to listen to my intuition more and to experience more clarity and peace.  It has been a challenge for me to take the time to meditate for even short periods of time, and I normally quit when the struggle ensues.  I made a commitment to participate in a three-week on-line meditation course, and after missing several days, I decided to begin catching up last night.  I chose to do a 15 minute meditation after dinner, and in an unexpected twist, I ended up having company.

My older daughter was finishing up her homework, and my younger daughter was in search of something to do.  On a whim, I invited my younger daughter to do the meditation with me, and much to my surprise and delight, she readily agreed to join me.  So, I explained the fundamentals of the practice to her, and we settled in to do the guided meditation together.  With only a little restlessness and squirming on both of our parts, we completed the 15 minute meditation, and when it was over, my daughter grinned and stated, “I feel relaxed and re-energized!”  I definitely could relate, as I felt the same way.

She immediately told her sister about how much she enjoyed doing the meditation exercise, which piqued my older daughter’s interest in it.  So, right before bedtime, my daughters and I engaged in another guided meditation practice together, and my older daughter shared her little sister’s enthusiasm for this practice.  I thought that having the girls present during meditation would distract me more, but I was wrong, as I actually was more focused in their presence.

When I went through my day today, I found myself reflecting on our shared meditative experience from last night, and it truly made my heart happy and content.  It also made me actually look forward to taking the time to meditate this evening, both alone and with my daughters.  Tonight, I had the opportunity to do both.

I feel like someone flipped some kind of invisible cosmic switch that has caused me to finally be able to engage more fully and joyfully in the practice of meditation.  Make no mistake, I still make mistakes when it comes to meditating, in that my mind wanders, but I am learning to accept this as part of the learning process, instead of judging myself so harshly and quitting.  It has been difficult to quiet my mind and slow down my body and thoughts long enough to tap into my spiritual realm, but now that I have had a taste of that higher awareness that meditation offers, I am craving more, and sharing that craving with both of my daughters is the proverbial icing on the cake.

Once again, all three of us gathered together to end our day with a guided meditation, and we emerged from this evening’s session feeling better than we did when entered into it.  I knew we were on to something, when as soon as the meditation ended, my older daughter asked, “Mom, can we do meditation every day?”  Who knew that yesterday’s introduction to meditation would ignite the passionate pursuit of further understanding and practice of it in all three of us?  What a truly wonderful surprise!

Just one thing each day . . .

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