Making a Sick Day Better


Today did not go as planned, but in the end, it unfolded exactly was it was meant to unfold.  My morning started as it does most days, in that I hopped out of bed and onto the elliptical trainer for a good workout before work, and I then showered and dressed before waking up my two daughters to have breakfast and help them get ready for school.  My older daughter has had a winter riddled with illnesses, and she came home from school yesterday feeling under the weather yet again.  So, it was not a complete surprise when, despite her best efforts to soldier on, she determined that she did not feel well enough to go to school today.  Thus, began the unraveling of my plans for the day.

I called my daughters’ school to alert them to the fact that my older daughter was ill today and would be absent, and I e-mailed my boss and colleagues to inform them that I would be staying home to care for my daughter instead of coming to work.  I sent a text to my daughters’ dad to tell him that she was sick again, and in my mind, I quickly reconfigured the rest of my day.  At first, I was frazzled, as I had a full day of meetings and tasks to tend to at work, but instead of resisting the changes to my day, I decided to do the best possible thing for myself, given the circumstances, I leaned into them.

Since I could not change the fact that my daughter was not feeling well again, I made the conscious decision to make the most of this day, sick child, unexpected day off of work, and all.  This change of attitude began when I went to the pharmacy to drop off a prescription for an antibiotic, as I used the time I needed to wait for the pharmacist to fill it to do my grocery shopping.  Upon arriving home, in between caring for my child, who slept on and off all day, I managed to do laundry, iron, shop online, write, pay some bills, balance my checkbook, and a host of other tasks that harkened back to the days before I worked outside of the home.  Combine this burst of productivity with moments of dispensing TLC to my daughter, and it turned out to be a really good day overall.

This “sick day” also gave me the opportunity to do something nice for someone else who was a bit frazzled this morning.  When I took my daughter’s prescription to the pharmacy, the pharmacist who waited on me appeared to be a bit out of sorts.  When I explained what I needed, she said that it would take at least twenty minutes to fill the prescription, as none of the pharmacy technicians had arrived for work yet.  I reassured her that I had some grocery shopping to do and would return afterward to pick up the prescription, and off I went to wander the grocery aisles.

On my way back to pick up the prescription, I stopped by the in-store Starbucks and bought the pharmacist a grande coffee to go along with my Zen green tea.  When I gave her the coffee, I explained that I knew what it was like to have a harried morning and that I hoped that she would enjoy a good day, despite the rough start.  She gratefully accepted the cup of coffee and thanked me, and I hope that her day ended up being a good one after all.

Just one thing each day . . .

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4 replies

    • Thank you so for reading this post and for taking the time share such kind words with me! It was a lot of fun to surprise her with the cup of coffee, and while I do not share her love of java, I definitely shared her feelings of being stressed out first thing this morning. Hope you enjoyed your day!

      • I had my own sick day but made the best of it with a good book in front of the fire:) Hope your daughter is feeling better!

      • Sorry to hear that you are under the weather, too, and I hope that a day of rest in front of the fire helped you begin to mend. My daughter has strep throat and will be home tomorrow, as well. Here’s to good health for both of you!

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