Given the inclement weather we seem to experience nearly every weekend, I am beginning to think that Sunday needs to be renamed ‘Rainday’, as it was another cold and rainy day here.  It may officially be spring, but it still feels a lot like winter unofficially.  While I am more than ready for all of the splendors of spring, I also found myself making the most of a lazy Sunday at home and enjoying it for the most part, and the picture at the top of this post provides a good visual of what I looked like as I made my way through the day.

Despite the slower pace of today, I still managed to do several good things for myself.  I continued to follow through with the recommendations that Judi, the social media strategist extraordinaire, made, in order to take my writing to the next level.  Despite my lack of technological prowess, I still felt a sense of pride that I launched a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/kristijojedlicki) and a Twitter feed (www.twitter.com/kristijedlicki) this afternoon.  This is all foreign territory to me, but it is part of a journey that I am excited to take.  I still struggle with fear and self-doubt, but I am not allowing them to put a stranglehold on my big dreams, and with every step I take, no matter how big or how small, it puts more distance between the negative thoughts and the dream becoming a reality.  Progress definitely feels good.

The dreary weather provided me with the opportunity to do something for my two favorite people in the world, my daughters.  They have a day off of school tomorrow, so, I took off of work tomorrow to spend the day with them.  Normally, they would be spending the night at their dad’s house tonight, but in order to let them sleep in tomorrow morning, they returned to my house for the night.   My older daughter finally is on the mend from a recent bout of strep throat, and my younger daughter kicked off her soccer season this weekend.  Plus, both had outings with friends this afternoon, so, by the time they returned to my home this evening, they were happy, but very tired and just wanted to spend time together with me.  The rain continued, so, it was the perfect evening to honor their request.


Just one thing each day  . . .

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